Window Tinting Gone Bad, Tampa’s Advanced Film Solutions

Unfortunately most of the window tinting that was done in Florida in the 1970’s and 1980’s has gone bad.


Many films were dyed polyester films that you would expect in a low cost car tinting. 

These films looked terrific for awhile but the UV inhibitors degraded and the dyes migrated to purple or created optical distortion.
Some competitive films started off hazy and after years of being blistered by the SUN they are now impossible to see through!


No matter what cased the problem Advanced Film Solutions can remove this junk from your windows.


We would be happy to replace this mess with VISTA or Huper Optik Window Films that are warranted for a lifetime of enjoyment and energy savings usage.

Removing film yourself requires a ton of work and time.

You don’t want to try using toxic chemicals in your home for obvious reasons.

Call Advanced Film Solutions for a free estimate.

Toll Free 877-575-3456

That’s what we do for a living . . .

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