Tampa Bay, Bradenton, Orlando’s Trusted Security Solar Window Film Solutions

Advanced Film Solutions has become Florida’s most trusted source for security glazing window tinting solutions.

374639_315105961856215_1914254629_nIt just makes sense to have a dual benefit film that knocks the heat down and the glare; earns immediate rebates from our local power companies like Duke Energy and TECO while providing superior protection against forced  entry.

1902855_725779230788884_704829533_nVista Films: These designer recommended films are far less reflective from an interior perspective.  Safe for IG units and with an automatically transferable lifetime warranty.  Optical clarity that is outstanding!

Armorcoat: The same 8 ML films that protect the US Capitol Building. The best known shatter film brand in the world.  Armorcoat offers economically priced stainless films in multiple light transmissions.

Madico: More US embassies installed Madico films to protect our diplomats than any other window film; and for good reason.  Madico has done more blast testing and has more expertise in fragment retention films than any other window film company.

SunTek: The newcomer to the mix; SunTek has revolutionized the window film business by reducing the film price points and cutting the top heavy sales costs that encumber most manufacturer’s bottom line.

  1. Trust means doing what we say we will do and on time.
  2. Trust means offering a lifetime warranty.
  3. Trust is doing the job and delighting our clients.
  4. Trust implies a fair price and outstanding performance
Advanced Film Solutions has earned that trust.

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