Comparison Huper Optik Ceramic Vs. 3M Home Depot Window Tinting

I happened by a local Home Depot store the other day since I needed to grab some safe release tape and paper towels for an installation.

I forced myself to pass by the 3M Window Film display and a chatted with their representative.
Here’s what I heard:
  • 3M Prestige Film is a new product that blocks 97% of the heat.
  • It is clear and unlike any other film won’t corrode.
  • Unlike other films you can use Windex to clean the film. The other companies window film turns purple or eat through their film
  • They have a thicker version that works like invisible bars on a window. No other window film is as strong.
  • I was shown a Heat Lamp Demo and a BTU meter that demonstrated the enormous heat rejection of this incredible film.
  • 533225_378036512229826_526310225_nNo pricing was offered; I’d have to have an outside rep visit my home when both the husband and wife were available.

I smiled and walked away, which is exactly what every consumer would do if the actual facts were communicated.


I have no doubt that this in store rep believed what he was telling me.

Let’s focus on the points above:
IWFA – IR Ratings of Window Film
  • The Prestige films were launched in 2005.
    I know because I was at 3M when they were launched.  Obviously “new” is a relative concept but this new baby is heading off into 6th grade and is well out of diapers by now.

The prestige 70 blocks slightly more than 50% of the total solar energy which is a far cry from 97% (to say the very least) In point of fact their darkest version the prestige 40 does not meet the TECO rebate requirement while we have two Huper Optik versions that do!

So much for the French fry lamp!

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  • The Prestige 70 filters 30% of the visible light. A clear film would block 8%. If by clear they mean non reflective that would be correct.I will point out that Prestige has an adhesive system that is hazy and has a blue shift.

    These films present an iridescence under certain lighting conditions. 

    Concerning the corrosion issue the statement they offer is misleading.Huper cardThere are silver based films that can corrode under humid conditions. Huper Optik and Vista Films do not corrode. Further the Huper Optik and Vista Films have NO DYES .Dyes fade or migrate the color during its life cycle. No dyed films hold their color and maintain the same visible light transmission.

  • Interestingly 3M’s Prestige film has no advantage over the Huper Optik or Vista Films in regard to the use of Windex. Allow me to throw in LLumar, Solar Gard, Hanita and SunTek while I’m at it.
  • In fact the hard coat on the 3M prestige series is suspect. They have had issues with scratching and color coming off the film.
  • Concerning the strength of their ultra prestige series in independent testing (FM Global, DoD, GSA) there is no advantage over Vista, LLumar, Armorcoat, SunTek, Sun Gard or Madico.


  • That heat lamp demo and nonsense about their film working better at angles has been a sore spot for me since 2005. 

    Every window film , as does glass, works better when the Sun hits glass at an angle rather than the industry standard perpendicular. 
    Making their claim that their film is superior is similar to bragging that their bicycle is faster when rolling down a hill.
    The BTU meter is only reading a very narrow IR wavelength and coincidentally matches the narrow wavelength that the film works its best.
     In other words you are being tricked by an  illusion of performance rather than the actual real world reality.  

    Now this isn’t just me making noise about this misrepresentation, it’s the entire industry.

  • The reaction to these IR statements has been swift and direct but you wouldn’t know that after discussing this demo at that Home Depot store would you?12442770973_e269b5ef01_z
  • I couldn’t care less about their pricing.What gets my goat is that caveat that both husband and wife have to be home for their estimate. It made me think I was watching a 1960″s sitcom.


    REALLY?? I have to be home so my wife can get my approval??


Here’s my suggestion:

Call Advanced Film Solutions for a comparison quotation with NFRC rated films from Vista and Huper Optik.

Toll Free 877-575-3456



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