Orlando Window Film Dealer Furnished & Replaced City Hall Window Film

Advanced Film Solutions, Orlando’s leading residential and commercial window film dealer completed a recent installation on the City Hall of Altamonte Springs.

Altamonte Springs 031

The project called for the removal of exterior installed window film and replacing this eye sore with a dynamic solar security window film.

The objective was to improve the energy efficiency of the facility by reducing the heat gain and eliminating the UV.

The solar film would also be required to reduce glare by 70%.

City Hall decision makers wanted the best of both worlds in a security film that also provides sustainable energy costs savings.

This dual benefit Vista LLumar film provides extraordinary perimeter protection against forced entry, potential terrorist attacks or flying debris.

Altamonte Springs 037

The original specification called for 3M NV 25 Ultra security film.

Advanced Film Solutions was able to provide a superior strength 8 ML Vista 28 dual reflective film that is thicker, has greater impact strength and protection and unlike the thinner 3M offering passed the ASTM 1886 4.5 Lb Missile test.

Our fine tuned proposal demonstrated the factual superiority of the Eastman Chemical Film. The 15 year warranty, the unmatched optical clarity.

Our team of installers completed this project on time and expertly.

These are Advanced Film Solutions techs who have earned our company the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for four consecutive years.Altamonte Springs 082

Orlando homes and businesses trust their window film requirements to Orlando’s Window Film Specialists: Advanced Film Solutions!

Toll Free: 877-575-3456

Locally: 407-843-9350





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