Huper Optik Ceramic Film Wins Comparison Vs. 3M Prestige Florida

Advanced Film Solutions is Florida’s leading window film installation company.

Our team of technicians has earned Angie’s List Super Service Award for the last 8 consecutive years.

We have earned an A Plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and the Best Of Home Advisor Award for 2015.

Our experience is unmatched and no other company has completed more residential and commercial projects since 2007 as has Advanced Film Solutions.

Our team has completed the City of Altamonte Springs City Hall, NC State University Hill Library, The City of Oveido, The City Of largo, The VA Hospital and hundreds of commercial buildings and retail stores throughout the state.

The question we are addressing is a film to film comparison between the Eastman Chemical Huper Optik Films versus the 3M Prestige series sold by 3M dealers and home depot agents.

Why Huper Optik is the superior choice?


  • We stipulate that both Huper Optik and 3M Prestige filter 99.9% of the UV
  • We stipulate that both Huper Optik and Prestige are available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 ft. widths.
  • Huper Optik has a lifetime warranty as does 3M
  • Huper Optik offers a glass breakage protection and seal failure coverage up to $2500 per window.

Where Huper out distances 3M:


  • Huper Optik has a clear adhesive that presents superior clarity particularly at an angle.


  • Huper Optik is available in darker light transmissions than 3M prestige which max’s out at a 40% VLTHO
  • 3M has reflective films that meet TECO rebates like Night Vision. Unfortunately the NV films will not meet many HOA rules or deed restrictions that prohibit reflective exterior appearance. Fundamentally the major consideration for this comparison is predicated on a non reflective non metallic
  • Both 3M and Huper Optik block IR wavelengths. 3M dealers and home depot agents may tend to confuse potential clients by stating that prestige blocks 97% of the IR or worse 97% of the heat. This is entirely untrue. Both 3M and Huper block nearly 90% of the entire IR wavelengths but the fact that Huper is available in darker VLT’s is the reason Huper can obtain the TECO rebate where 3M does not.
  • Price: The cost estimate is typically based on the scope of work involved. In our experience the 3M dealers tend to charge a higher rate for installation based on the perception that 3M blocks more heat (it does not of course!) They may also have a higher consumer awareness compared to the Eastman name (Once Eastman Kodak) Whatever their rationale they typically charge more than 2-30% higher for a solution that delivers less heat rejection!

Advanced Film Solutions is based on Tampa Bay and has offices in Orlando and Sarasota.


We were founded by the former National Sales Manager of 3M Window Film.  He is a columnist for Window Film Magazine, Dr. Of Tintology.

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