Compare 3M Vs. Eastman Chemical Advanced Window Film

Thanks to exciting technological innovations from Eastman Chemical, the world leader in window film,  Advanced Film Solutions can provide Tampa Bay residents the very best heat and UV blocking films.


No other company has as many NFRC rated films or the experience and capabilities of Advanced Film Solutions.

Our Vista, LLumar, Huper Optik, FormulaOne are award winning effective solutions that offer the best ROI and performance of any energy savings aftermarket solution.



Crystal clear performance thanks to distortion free adhesives and high heat rejecting ceramic technology.

Thanks to dye free IR heat rejection technology combined with visible light energy blockers no other company can keep your home or car cooler.

Let’s compare our local competitor 3M.

Their most frequently promoted solution for homes and cars is their Prestige Series (sold as Crystalline for cars)

These are average films that are currently available in light transmissions of 40% or lighter.

Residential Comparison:

Advanced Film Solutions offers several choices of non reflective IR heat blocking films that out-perform our 3M friends.


Huper Optik and Vista films qualify for TECO rebates whereas their Prestige film can not meet the heat rejecting requirements of TECO.

That should pretty much tell you all that you need to know!


Automotive comparison:

Here again 3M Crystaline film is limited to a very light 40% transmission or lighter.  (There are reasons that they don’t produce a car tint that will block more glare, but I’ll leave that for the 3M dealers to explain.)

Our Florida tint laws permit a 15% light transmission for rear glass and a 28% light transmission for the front driver and passenger window.

Our Pinnacle ceramic films meet the tint laws exactly while driving around with a 3M crystalline film will mean that your passengers have nearly 3X more glare and less heat rejection than our Eastman Chemical selections.

Does that make any sense at all for a tropical environment like Florida?

The lightness of their  films not only increases glare but it also hinders the ability to control interior fading.  More unwanted light increases the fading of your leather seats, etc.

Furthermore your family’s  privacy and security is limited by their inability to make a darker film. You are entirely visible to potential “bad guys!”

Does That Make Any Sense?
Total Solar Heat Rejection (SHGC)

Given the typically high cost for 3M prestige and the crystalline films, many 3M dealers tend to exaggerate the  heat rejecting capability of their film. 

This is certainly understandable given their severe limitations and outrageous sticker price.


For example we have anecdotal information that local 3M dealers claim their film blocks 97% of the heat


They humorously add that their film performs better at angles in some inexplicable fashion.

They may actually resort to a heat lamp gimmick that is rigged to provide a sucker illusion that these claims are accurate.

Of course they are not!
For the best heat rejecting films in Tampa Bay call Advanced Film Solutions.

No gimmicks, rather NFRC rated films and facts!

Crystal Clear Heat Solutions by Advanced Film Solutions

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