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Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota Window Film Experts

Making the decision to lower monthly electric costs by 30% and eliminating dangerous UV with today’s innovative window film just makes sense.

Determining which solar or solar security film to install and which company is best qualified to do the job is the critical challenge.

It helps to have experts guide you through the process and Advanced Film Solutions is best suited to accomplish this task.

After all our founder is the former National Sales Manager of 3M Window Film and was a columnist for Window Film Magazine (Dr. Of Tintology).

He was also an expert speaker at the IWFE in Reno.

Our team at Advanced Film Solutions has earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for 9  years and an A Plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Advanced Film Solutions does not promote one solution but rather offers our clients the “best of breed” coatings that deliver consumers the best value and technology.

This is the critical comparisons we have undertaken that supports the solutions we propose.

Safety & Security:

Strength and life safety are based on specific independent test results. Madico, LLumar, Vista, Armorcoat, SunTek and Hanita meet force protection as well as GSA blast criteria.  From a security perimeter protection perspective all of these films will do the job and out-perform the 3M 5 ML ultra films like S25. The question; rather your choice is the appearance of the film.

Silver, Neutral, dual reflective or clear versions are available in dozens of light transmissions.

Several versions have UL approval and FM Global insurance benefits.

Several versions qualified for TECO rebates as well and Federal Tax incentives.


Solar films from Eastman Chemical like Vista, LLumar, SunTek and Huper Optik for deed restricted communities.

Madico and their elite Sunscape portfolio.

Avery-Dennison Hanita solar security film made in Israel.

Our team will never do dog and pony gimmicks to get your trust. We deal in NFRC facts and documented results.

We won’t show you French Fry Heat Lamps with rigged BTU meters or pretend our tear resistant film out protects thicker tested safer versions.

Call for a free estimate and go with the experts.

Advanced Film Solutions


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Window Film Designed For Tampa Bay, Orlando & Sarasota Homeowners

Advanced Film Solutions is Florida’s 5 Star, Angie’s List Super Service perennial winner (9 years!) with an A Plus Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

We offer the finest window film brands built for intense tropical heat.

Perfect for any home throughout the region where homeowners are tired of glare, heat, faded furnishings and ridiculously high cooling costs!

Eastman Chemical Huper Optik, Vista Film and LLumar.

Our solar and solar security films are warranted for a lifetime against peeling, bubbles or turning color.

These coatings are all NFRC certified so there is no guesswork when considering our solutions.

We aren’t doing French Fry Heat Lamp tricks or misleading our clients with silly nonsense about working better at angles, blocking 97% of the heat or implying that their film is stronger in any measurable category.


That’s why discriminating clients choose Advanced Film Solutions.

Your home deserves the very best window film at a fair price.

You expect a perfect installation and after 24,000 or more homes and businesses completed our crews are the most expert window film specialists in Florida.

Don’t settle for less.

Get the very best with Advanced Film Solutions.

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Smart Homeowners Compare Window Tinting, Advanced Film Solutions

Tampa bakes in August and now is a great opportunity for homeowners in St. Pete, Clearwater, Gulfport, Sand Key, Feather Sound, Pinellas Park, Bradenton, Palmetto and points beyond to educate yourself about 21st century thin film coatings from Eastman Performance Films.

These aren’t your grand daddy’s window tinting.
  • Our Vista and Huper Optik Films have no dyes so they won’t change colors or bubble.
  • Your monthly electric bill can be slashed by 30%, and who doesn’t think that’s a good idea?


  • Our films are NFRC certified so you know what type of energy savings you will receive.


  • You choose how dark you prefer. Advanced Film Solutions has more choices than any other window film company in Florida!

  • We have more glazing protection films than any other company in the Bay area.  Vista, Huper Optik, LLumar, SunTek, Armorcoat, Hanita, Madico and more.
  • We are always extremely competitive. Compare our choices versus the Home Depot 3M films. You’ll be amazed at the added value and faster return on investment.


  • Don’t be fooled by heat lamp gimmicks and loaded dice BTU meter readings that pretend to demonstrate tremendous heat rejection. Advanced Film Solutions presents facts, documented performance and credibility!
  • As Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Sarasota Counties leading window film company we offer next day installations and lifetime, transferable warranties.

  • Advanced Film Solutions is fully insured, and rated A Plus accredited by the Better Business Bureau!

It just may be the coolest thing you’ve ever done!


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Tampa Bay’s Home & Car Window Tinting Resource: Advanced Film Solutions

Tampa Bay consumers are looking for the deepest deals in town!

Advanced Film Solutions has the widest selection of energy savings and shatter resistant window films in Florida. 

We offer VISTA Window Films, LLumar economic Films,  clear IR rejecting Nanotechnology films from Huper Optik German multi-layered Window Films.

Don’t forget your car or SUV. 

Our FormulaOne Car Tinting is the technology leader available at an affordable price. 

  • Your home or office glare can be eliminated along with harmful UV!

WF Magazine Skin Cancer

  • Your glass protection improved with our safety and security window films.

  • Non metallic films perfect for Gated Communities and Deed Restrictions

  • Your electric bill reduced with VISTA and Huper Optik Films!

Call Advanced Film Solutions

Florida’s Leading Window Film Company

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Tampa Curb Appeal: Huper Optik Window Film Makes The Difference

Tampa Sun Control Without That Mirror Appearance

The glare, heat and UV damage were more than our clients could stand. 

They knew they had to do something about their daily problems; but weren’t sure what course to take?


The solution: Huper Optik Sun Control FilmNow their store is virtually UV free.

Potential clients can see into their stores rather than seeing themselves in a mirror finish.

Our installation crews completed these projects today.

Now the heat has been reduced by nearly 70% and the clarity of their views remains untouched.

Huper Optik has a lifetime warranty while the commercial warranty is 15 years.

Advanced Film Solutions
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