July Heat, Dog Days Of Summer: Florida’s Coolest Window Tinting

It’s HOT.

Air so thick you could cut a knife through it.

So you would naturally think that this would be our top month for selling window film?


The excuses:

Back To School:  The back to school theory has it that everyone is starting to concentrate on kids heading back to school and have no thoughts about their ridiculous electric bills or that their home feels like a sauna.

This would be a wonderful excuse except for the fact that the Tampa-St. Pete area is “God’s Waiting Room.

senior discount
Many of our customers have kids older than Trump and I assure you that they aren’t heading off on that Yellow Bus.

Vacation Time: This is the theory that everyone is on vacation.


Check out the traffic on I 275 around 5:00 PM and tell me that all my neighbors are lying on a beach somewhere (or if you are really keeping score; we should all be in Alaska trying to get away from the beaches!)

Nobody has any money left!
Now I like this excuse but I know that its not completely true.

Of course our open quotes have generated some very creative excuses:

  • Client is getting sued and is worried they won’t have any money left.
  • Client has termites and has to spend money on tenting their home.
  • Clients Mom is very sick (substitute with any other family member)
  • Client needs root canal. (OUCH!)
  • Clients home is in a sink hole.
  • Client getting a divorce.
  • Client broke hip.
  • Client’s pet died.
  • Client considering spending ten times more for new windows.

And that is just this week’s excuses

Advanced Film Solutions

Now is the very best time to cool your home and stop UV damage at the glass!


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