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Window Tinting Competitive Edge, Tampa Advanced Film Solutions

Window film competition here in Tampa Bay, Orlando and Sarasota can be fierce!
It’s hot. It stays hot. 

We launched our company in the midst of a shifting and uncertain economy back in 2007. 

This after 33 years at 3M and having been National Sales Manager of the window film business.


What are the factors that gave us a winning advantage over the competitors ?

Advanced Film Solutions believes that Value trumps any “perception ” of brand superiority.

  • Choices!  We offer more choices in window films that offer documented superiority.  This is a distinct advantage.  It’s not that we simply throw all of our choices against the glass and say. . pick one! We know the nuances between these solutions.  We are always 100% consumer focused.

  • You always deal with an expert in window film solutions and technology.  We don’t have neophyte employees who pretend that one solution is always the best solution.
  • Running “lean and mean” gives us pricing flexibility that our competition can not match.
  • We also stay at the forefront of new technologies and window film advances.  There are no magical secrets in this business. 

If there were lower cost window tinting solutions that were superior to our brands, I’d certainly know about them.

  • Superior installations: I hate headaches. We take care to make certain that our clients receive the very best installs. We aren’t perfect and when we mess up, we do everything we can to fix the problem. That’s why we survey all of our clients to learn from our mistakes.
  • We present facts and documented performance. That’s why we embrace the NFRC .  

 Advanced Film Solutions

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Selecting Best Value Window Tinting For Florida’s Prestige Homes

We love the question: “How does Vista or Huper Optik compare to 3M film?”

Typically get this question from a consumer who has been quoted a high cost from the home depot 3M install program.

Prices so inflated that we were wondering if platinum was being added into the deal? 

1457705_667075529992588_888455922_nCheck out that left top panel with 3M film.

The remaining panels have Huper 30 ceramic film.

This haze is a crucial difference between the Vista and Huper ceramic films and 3M’s nano line.

Seeing is believing. If you have any doubt at all; we’ll do a side by side comparison.

If you prefer an invisible coating that will maintain the aesthetic appearance of your glass; you should consider our Huper Optik ceramic film.

  • Vista Films were the first NFRC Certified window films. Huper Optik has also been certified.The reason this is important for consumers is the documented performance you will enjoy when the installation is completed. It separates fact from fantasy when you might hear spurious claims about 97% heat rejection or better heat rejection at angles.

  • This is a key issue for gated communities as well as deed restricted neighborhood where a shiny film is forbidden.

  • Our 8 ML Vista and Llumar Magnum Films  have greater puncture resistance thanks to the thicker multi-layered composition.  Their ultra film is thinner and less secure than our 8 ML or thicker coatings.

  • Their hard coat is no stronger than Vista’s. Any implication that their film withstands scratches better; or is Windex safer than ours is false.
  • The optical clarity of our VISTA films is unsurpassed.  We’ll take that match up film to film any day!
  • VISTA manufactures all of their window films and does not “private label” outside manufacturer’s film. PERIOD!  The list of films sold by 3M that are actually made by other lesser known companies is too long to list here.
  • Vista offers dual reflective films in a 5, 7,14, 15, 18, 25, 28, 38, 45, and 48 % visible light transmissions. 3M in a 15, 25, 35 only!
  • We offer a full line of bronze films.  3M has none.
  • VISTA & LLumar Magnum Security Films are available in a 20 neutral, 20 silver, 28, 38, 40, 50 and clear. 3M in a  25, 35, and clear 4ML and clear 6 ML and their 50 and 70 prestige.  The re-package another manufacturer’s 14 ML film and brag about how strong it is. Obviously that same film is available directly from the OEM at a fairer price.

That’s our top ten reasons consumers select our VISTA Films!

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Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete Loves Huper Optik Ceramic Window Tinting


Florida has a love affair with Huper Optik!

Advanced Film Solutions offers our customers more choices in window film than any other company in Florida.

 So why do more luxury home owners select Huper Optik over any other choice?


It starts with innovation and quality in the technology and unmatched optical clarity.


A major motivation is the fact that Huper Optik films are non reflective so your home’s aesthetic appearance is not altered.

Huper Optik meets all deed restrictions!


Huper Optik Ceramic films are patented.


The other “ceramic films” are single layered and offer considerably less features as well as limitations on the width of their films.

There is only one Huper Optik!

  • NFRC Certified.
  • No Dyes
  • Unmatched clarity.

  • No blue shift (a major advantage over our 3M -home depot prestige competitor!)
  • No haze in the adhesives or distortion!
  • Huper Optik is available in a wide assortment of light transmissions.

  • Accurate and impressive IR rejection across the entire near and far infrared wavelengths.


We won’t mislead consumers with nonsense about 97% IR rejection and then have small print below that identifies that this is only for an extremely narrow bandwidth!

Unmatched warranty and the best glass breakage-seal failure warranty in the industry!

The proof is evidenced by the growing number of Tampa, Sarasota and Orlando clients who are selecting the Huper Optik solution.

Find out why Huper Optik is on a roll!

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The Truth Prestige Film IR Rejection Huper Optik Vs. 3M Comparisons

I’ve written about this before (as have some others!) but the 3M Prestige Film has always been interesting to me for a variety of reasons.

Let’s just say that I was once a True Believer (Yeah I wrote that!) having swallowed the RED PILL entirely. 

It was only after I left 3M that my faith was shaken by:

No Prestige did not work better at an angle compared to other window films.

No Prestige did not reject 97% of the IR

No Prestige did not reject more heat than a dark silver reflective film.


Now this may seem like an esoteric argument with little to no impact on the larger world outside of window film; but (stick with me here) there is a crucial perception and a credibility issue at stake. (Mostly my own!)


I don’t like being fibbed to (there are stronger words!) and I can’t abide losing any business to a competitor that is either intentionally or through ignorance, misrepresenting their product’s performance. 

Now as the competitor against 3M Prestige that has become much more important.

Eastman Chemical the world leader in window film (by any measurement or standard) had tackled these issues with a series of technical reports and white papers almost immediately upon the launch of Prestige and the 3M marketing and supporting literature that their dealers utilize to support their selling efforts.


2008-07-010-Tech Update-NA

IWFA – IR Ratings of Window Film


Read these slowly. Go ahead. . I’ll wait. . .

Or simply call us at 877-575-3456

Advanced Film Solutions


Tampa Bay Window Film Advanced Film Solutions Culture Of Accomplishment

Advanced Film Solutions provides energy efficient solar and solar security films in the Tampa Bay and Orlando region.


We represent Eastman Performance Films and their Vista, LLumar and Huper Optik.

You may not be familiar with Eastman Chemical or their history:


As a 3M alumni (33 years) I was certainly familiar with these brands and their unique technology and innovation.

Their depth of product offering and their dedicated team of sales, marketing and technology experts are the envy of the window film industry. 


Naturally the path we chose once we determined to open our own installation company in Florida was to represent Eastman Performance Films

Consumers are seeking practical, economical and effective solutions to reduce escalating utility bills.  They demand durable products with documented savings and aesthetic appeal.

We are proud of the thousands of installations we have completed since 2007.

Business and home owners continue to enjoy the benefits of our films and appreciate their recommendation to their friends and peers.

This is the Culture of Accomplishment that defines Eastman Performance Films and Advanced Film Solutions.

Solid performance, incredible clarity of adhesives and a plethora of choices that no other company can match.

We win on the glass.

Call for a free estimate and find out why thousands of homeowners are cooler, greener and safer with Advanced Film Solutions

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