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Protective Glazing Window Film Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota

Many commercial businesses in Florida are located in industrial parks with offices that are on the ground level.

Aside from the privacy concerns for customers and employees along with the intense heat, glare and damaging UV; property mangers are concerned with protecting their property from burglary.

Advanced Film Solutions is the region’s leading provider of security glazing window film.

These coatings are thicker (8 ML) and provide superior strength against intrusion, impact, vandalism and flying debris.

Solar control versions offer solar protection along with the security benefit. This makes your investment offset by lower utility costs.

No other retrofit solution has a better ROI than our window film solutions.

The neighborhood has experienced break-in’s and the property owner researched various alternatives and selected Advanced Film Solutions.

We installed Vista 8 ML solar security for maximum heat rejection (qualifies for Duke Rebates!) and 8 ML security impact resistance and privacy.  The dual reflectivity allows employees an unobstructed view day or evening!

Advanced Film Solutions represents the leading security window film brands and this equates to choices that match every aesthetic preference as well as budget.

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Advanced Film Solutions

Tampa, Orlando


Glass Burglary Glass Protection Window Film Safer Tampa, Clearwater Stores

As we approach the end of summer, retail stores across the region are taking preparations for increasing security protection for assets and people.

Advanced Film Solutions can limit losses with the installation of clear (or solar tinted) thick shatter control window film.

These films create an invisible barrier that reinforces the glass making it much more difficult for thieves to shatter the windows or doors and gain easy access into the retail store.


We also secure the perimeter of the glass where the film meets the frames using a structural silicone sealant that further strengthens the glass/frame/film attachment.
These are economically priced solutions that won’t detract from the curb appeal of your store. 

The tinted versions that combine effective solar properties that cut glare, heat and UV  may be a wise decision since lowered electric costs and improved comfort can make your store inviting.

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Advanced Film Solutions will beat any competitive quote. 

No company has more choices.

15 Year Commercial Warranty

NFRC Certified




Tampa Gets Heat Ready, Innovative Window Tinting Home Cooling Choices

Advanced Film Solutions has combined a unique window tinting portfolio that provides more choices in window film styles and performance than any company in the USA.

When we left 3M 17 years ago we developed a business plan that would be simple and true to ourselves and our clients.

We knew what we wouldn’t do:

Pushing only one brand of film based simply on brand name recognition would NEVER be our business model again.

Of course to be truly successful we had to engage the real industry leaders and earn the right to represent them in Tampa and beyond.


Advanced Film Solutions provides better choices, better performance and documented (NFRC Rated) results.

That’s why we built our success with Eastman Chemicals’ LLumar SelectPro, VISTA Films and Huper Optik for homes and commercial properties and FormulaOne for our automotive clients.

We augmented our portfolio with the world’s leading nanoceramic film Huper Optik.

These are the patented multi-layer films that out perform our 3M prestige competition.

People invest in window film for practical reasons:

  1. Our window film reduces energy costs by 30%
  2. Commercial retail stores and buildings can benefit from glare rejection and tenant and customer comfort (think of a restaurant with glare in your eyes or melting inventory and faded carpets!)
  3. Privacy!
  4. Anti-graffiti applications.
  5. Skin health since all of our films block 99.9% of the UV
  6. Improved home value. Your investment will pay dividends when you sell.  Our warranty is lifetime and VISTA’s warranty (for example) is transferable!
  7. Our ability to offer consumers all the NFRC certified films.
  8. Shatter films that keep burglars out!

Advanced Film Solutions is  A Plus Better Business Bureau Rated

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Tampa Bay Stores Cool & Glare Free, Advanced Film Solutions

Retail store owners throughout Florida choose Advanced Film Solutions to install solar and solar security window films.

If you are baking inside your store with clear glass windows you understand why window tinting is such a popular solution!

  • Window Film blocks 99.9% of the UV.  Furnishings and inventory are protected from fade damage.

  • Glare control . Your employees and clients are comfortable .

  • Curb appeal- Non reflective films like Huper Optik block heat and glare but enable visibility into your store, office or facility.

  • Heat control. Obviously a major reason for installing window film.  We offer films than block heat by as much as 80%

  • Security- Thicker versions of our films can delay, deny and deter smash and grab crime.

  • Lower electric bills .  Reducing heat gain lets you run your AC less and reduces your monthly bill.

Blinds and shades can block your store from being noticed by traffic. 

Transparent coatings maintain visibility and keep window shoppers interested!

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Tampa Historic Building Finds Window Film Solution: Ceramic Huper Optik

Building management responsible for a historic Tampa building wanted to improve the energy efficiency of their property without altering the aesthetics of their facility.

They need to achieve heat rejection without altering the aesthetic beauty of their facility. The answer was the ceramic coatings from Eastman Huper Optik.


This 100 year old building was the perfect fit for Huper Optik Ceramic installed by Tampa’s window film leader; Advanced Film Solutions.

Advanced Film Solutions similarly provided the installation in Huper Optik for the Hill Library at NC State University!


392647_289552677744877_1209947495_nIncredible heat rejection without a mirrored appearance

  • Visibility through their windows maintained particularly during the evening hours. Metallic window films tend to lower the exterior view; Huper Optik is less reflective than glass.

  • NFRC certified films affirm the performance values and characteristics of our German engineered films.
  • Patented Huper Optik out-performs generic ceramic films sold by all competitors. Six foot widths eliminate seaming.


  • 15 year warranty for commercial offices; lifetime warranty for residential applications.


Advanced Film Solutions recommends Huper Optik for all window film applications where reflective films “need not apply!”


Perfect for condos. Deed restrictions, HOA rules and any facility or retail store that values appearance, curb appeal  and visibility!


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