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Find Window Film To Cool Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Bradenton Homes

Advanced Film Solutions and VISTA cool Florida homes.   


VISTA Films reduce energy usage without sacrificing the views or aesthetics.

These transparent VISTA window films are a far cry from the window tinting that many consumers may be sadly familiar.

I’ve actually seen people cringe when they hear the topic of window films being discussed.

Their impression, that window film’s all bubble or turn a horrible shade of purple!
To be frank the fault for this impression is based upon the early years of window film when most films were constructed with dyed polyester.

These films had a very short life-expectancy and homeowners and businesses that invested in the early window film products soon discovered their obvious limitations.

Many of today’s Do It Yourself (DIY) window films continue to be manufactured with short-lived dyed polyester. You see it on the highways every day. Purple everywhere!

  • VISTA Films simply can not turn purple because there are no dyes in the composition of these films.

  • The optical clarity of VISTA Films is incomparable.

  • The VISTA Films are warranted for a lifetime against adhesive failure, blistering, etc. etc.

The “bottom line?”

Never sacrifice aesthetics or compromise your views when you invest in VISTA Films.

That’s the reason the overwhelming majority of Interior Designers specifically recommend VISTA Films.


That’s the reason Advanced Film Solutions highlights the luxury homes we have completed in gated communities and estates

After all, homeowners in Westchase, Waterchase, Champion’s Club, Fish Hawk Estates, Landsbrook and Connerton would never accept a blurry, shiny, bubbling solution.


LEEDS Window Tinting Advanced Film Solutions, Orlando, Tampa Bay, Sarasota

Dear Property Manager:

Many commercial office towers like yours remain behind in bringing their energy efficiency to cost effective standards.  You are probably thinking that it isn’t a simple process to retrofit a  building to improve energy efficiency HVAC, insulation and a host of other improvements.

The LEEDS programs is a key part of the US Green Building Council (Advanced Film Solutions is an associate member) and there are a host of modular solutions that does not require an extensive rebuilding program or a huge capital investment.


There is one obvious method to improve your buildings’ energy usage with the immediate installation of solar control Vista or Llumar window film.

The window film LEEDS credits for Vista Window Film is well established.  The anticipated energy usage profile has also been certified by the NFRC.

11886656105_6b14664eed_z - Copy

This is a “pencil sale” at it’s most basic.


As a Property Management Company, or Building owner, your energy usage for your building is easily quantified by auditing your utility bills.

We certainly know the orientation of the property.

We know the degree days and peak demand rates. Projected cost savings would take a novice about twenty minutes to calculate! (5 minutes of that brewing a cup of coffee!)

Hotels are one easy target as they pass on the rising cost of energy to their clients

Large commercial property management companies tend to pass their costs on to the tenant base. Those pass through days are soon to be over!

Tenant’s have choices and comfort is a critical cost factor for maintaining high value personnel.

  • What if you could easily reduce the building’s heat gain by 25-30%?
  • Insulate your glass during the winter months with Low E Film
  • Improve worker productivity and improve their job satisfaction? (reduce glare- eye strain!)
  • Improve interior air quality. IAQ?
  • Balance the air temps in your building reduced chiller requirements!
  • Remove blinds and dust attracting window coverings?
  • Improved aesthetics and uniformity of the building! Curb Appeal!
  • Receive a ROI and super Internal Rate of Return, that would make your Treasurer and Financial management jump out of their chairs?
  • Reduce by 99.9% the harmful UVA and UVB that effects more than faded paint or carpets but people, your tenants health?
  • Earn sizable energy incentives from local power companies?
  • Score positive PR by finally doing something instead of waiting for a directive?

Life Safety issues and Factory Mutual Approval!

Take five minutes and call your insurance underwriter for how much that alone will save you?

Call Advanced Film Solutions for a free estimate.


Tampa Bay Window Tinting Innovation Advanced Film Solutions

Innovation is an adjective that applies specifically to the technology leader in window film: Eastman Chemical and their LLumar SelectPro Vista and Huper Optik Ceramic Films.

Let’s compare our depth and width of the powerful energy savings film solutions developed and marketed by Eastman.

Advanced Film Solutions represents the dynamic Vista, Huper Optik , LLumar and FormulaOne High Performance Automotive Films.

All our Vista, LLumar and Huper Optik film is NFRC certified.

  • Huper Optik is a non-reflective ceramic coating.
  • Vista dual reflective films are the number one choice for interior designers throughout the country.

  • LLumar solar and security films offer more choices in appearance, light transmission and shatter protection than any other window film manufacturer.


Take control of your cooling costs and make your home or office more comfortable and energy smart.

Free estimates from Tampa’s window film leader:

Advanced Film Solutions

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NFRC Leveled The Window Film Playing Field, Tampa Window Tinting


One of the best things that has ever happened for the window film business has been the increased credibility of our film solutions by the National Fenestration Ratings Council.

Fact sheet NFRC Window film


You have seen their stickers before on new windows.

Documented performance of the energy efficiency of a particular window compared to another manufacturer’s.

The window film industry has been provided a path toward receiving Energy Star status. 

The logical first steps were to independently test and document a film’s performance of standard retrofit glass configurations. 

The first company to complete the process was Eastman Chemical Performance Films with our Vista and LLumar brands.

They were followed by Southwall (Huper Optik and V-Kool)  Later Madico, Solar Gard, Johnson and my alma mater 3M.

Leaving aside the minutia that might make your eyes glaze over (pun intended!)  How does all this mumbo jumbo help the consumer?


The true measure of a window films efficiency is the solar heat gain eliminated by the window film.

So despite the baloney by 3M that their prestige film works better at an angle compared to other films, or their fable that they created a special test to prove this.

The truth is that there simply is no such criteria or factual basis behind their claim of uniqueness.

Advanced Film Solutions offers NFRC documented window films by the industry leaders.


Straight facts. No Bull.
Toll Free 877-575-3456

Florida Storefront Glass Window Tinting 2021, Savings

Advanced Film Solutions has completed thousands of commercial window film applications during the last 14 years. 

These projects vary in scope and in the specific window film selected.
  • All deadlines were met and the projects completed with 100% satisfaction. 
  • Our customer service and superior installations earned us the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for 8 straight years.

  • We are fully insured and meet all criteria for commercial applications.

Storefront applications vary in scope and the specific client’s objectives.

Here our team installed project using dark (5% VLT) light transmission
LLumar to block east and south facing glare without adding reflectivity to their glass.
These commercial applications require installation expertise, plus the manpower to complete the task on time. 

This is critical because we are working alongside various trades who also have to meet deadlines.

We understand that this is a highly competitive industry and our business plan is to provide the best value solutions at an affordable cost.

  • NFRC Certified films
  • Shatter control safety films.
  • Glare control
  • Decorative and graphics for privacy, branding and aesthetic improvement.

  • Reflective and non-reflective solutions that are customized for our clients requirements.

Advanced Film Solutions

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Advanced Film Solutions