I’m Burn’in For You – Not With Our Film! LLumar Car Tinting

So the other day an average looking middle-aged fellow comes into our shop and asks us if we can install a ceramic film on his new Infinity?


Now that was an easy question to answer since we carry the FormulaOne Pinnacle Ceramic Films and if you twist my arm the Huper Optik Ceramic.

So YES we can!

To make the waiting time go faster I noted that he was sporting a NY Yankee baseball cap.

Given their recent “failures” I figured it might be topical subject?

I asked if he was from NY?  Since there are not that many Yankee fans who live outside the NY area (as you know!)

He grew up on Long island and travels a lot since he’s a musician.

Now most musicians I have ever met sing in the lobby bar at hotels so I ask him where he sings?


He says he has a group called Blue Oyster Cult and that he’s the lead singer!

Blue Oyster Cult????

The Blue Oyster Cult????

Being the dummy I obviously am, I ask him what their big hit was? (I remember the name of the group – but can’t recollect the big hit??)

He simply smiles and says “maybe you remember the hit “Don’t Fear the Reaper?”

That sounded familiar but I still can’t remember the tune. So he pauses, takes a breath and starts singing the song.

Now I remember!!

Our first and possibly our last “star” in our shop.

So here’s a nod to Blue Oyster Cult and Huper Optik Window Film!

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