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Tampa Bay, Orlando, Sarasota Window Tinting Was Not Created Equally; Why It Matters?

We hear what competitors are saying to our clients.  tumblr_nbtvg5Us6c1tx21j0o1_500

There is a fascinating mixture of fiction sprinkled with fact.

A combination of hyperbole and total nonsense all offered up with a facade of seriousness.

Let’s try to separate fact from fiction.
All films are the same, so you should choose the lowest price?

Obviously this is an untrue statement and typically offered up by a hack window tint person who is buying the cheapest tint available.

It’s in their interest for you to suspend disbelief and accept that false premise.

Does that cheap steak at some hamburger grill taste the same as Ruth Chris?

getcooler If your answer is yes than go ahead and buy some no name tint for your home or car!

Advanced Film Solutions recommends the very best quality window films.


VISTA and  Huper Optik that are NFRC certified and are supported by documented performance characteristics.

Gated communities limit or restrict the use of reflective metallic window films.

For these homes we propose our Huper Optik Ceramic Non-Metallic Window Film.

Low E All Season Window Film that works in the summer as well as the winter!

How do you want your windows to look from the inside and the outside?

Obviously there are aesthetic differences between the lower quality films and the top of line VISTA and Huper Optik.

OK we understand that, but are your films that much better? Now can you match their pricing??

We carry the spectacular LLumar films and we obviously sharpen our pencils on a case by case basis therefore for the economically focused we offer the LLumar or our SunTek series.

 If you are looking for a highly efficient film and have no problems with reflectivity from an interior view, than the LLumar is a terrific solution. 

VISTA is manufactured by the same company  and was designed specifically with lower interior reflectivity.

VISTA Films are dual pane (IG) safe.  The lifetime warranty is transferable and quite frankly the VISTA Dealer has to meet a much higher level of dealer requirements than a LLumar dealer.

VISTA and LLumar are superior window films as are the ceramic Huper Optik  window film.

That’s value difference and why Advanced Film Solutions has earned our customer’s trust!

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Innovative LLumar, Vista, Huper Optik Tampa Window Tinting

Innovation is an adjective that is tossed around by many companies.

Saying it doesn’t make it so.


Eastman Performance Films is the world leader in glass coating window film sales and technology.

Their ability to innovate is as current as today’s news.

Eastman is the technology leader with dynamic solutions that include LLumar Films, Vista Films and the outstanding Huper Optik Ceramic Films.


What do these bragging rights have to do with homeowners and commercial property managers in the Tampa Bay area?

PicMonkey Collage

Tampa gets hot and we have more sunny days than our friends in Hawaii.

We also get humid weather that equates to having our air conditioning on for more days than nearly any other geographic location (OK maybe Miami!)

We have our share of colder weather (last week we were down to 30 degrees!) and we are faced with hurricane threats during the months from June to October.

Our electric bills are high and typically our windows are inefficient, clear single pane glass are extremely poor insulators.

Advanced Film Solutions represents Eastman throughout the Greater Tampa Bay and Orlando area.

We are experts in providing superior lifetime warranted window film applications/

We have earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List nine times and our BBB Rating is an accredited A Plus!

The best film solutions installed by Florida’s most expert team of installers.

Innovation is just the beginning.

Advanced Film Solutions




Glare Free Waiting Doctor Recommended Tampa Window Film

Waiting for your Doctor or Dentist is generally a less than happy enterprise.


To make matters worse many waiting rooms have uncomfortable glare, heat that makes things even more difficult.
There is an answer and Advanced Film Solutions solar control heat blocking UV window films will turn that frown up-side-down!

Tampa Bay, Lakeland, Orlando and Sarasota offices rely on Vista, LLumar, Huper Optik Eastman Performance Films to eliminate 99.9% of the UV and up to 85% of the heat and glare.


Our team of expert installers has completed more than 22,000 installations since 2007 and we have earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for the last 8 years.

Window Film is the best prescription you can write!

Advanced Film Solutions

Window Film Comparisons 3M Vs. Eastman LLumar, Vista Tampa Bay, Orlando

Let’s review the latest comparisons between the Eastman Chemical window film portfolio compared against the 3M Window Film solutions.


Advanced Film Solutions is the regions leading installation company for energy control and safety window film.

We have a history of excellence noted by winning the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for 8 consecutive years as well as an A Plus Rating from the Better Business Bureau.


Our family owned business was founded in early 2007 by the former National Sales Manager of 3M Window Film after retiring from 3M after 33 years.

Today’s focus is on flat glass comparisons (homes and offices) directed to the residential and commercial marketplace.


Clearly consumers and commercial interests are familiar with the 3M brand name and more than likely are also familiar with the Eastman brand given their association with Eastman Kodak

The world leader in window film sales is Eastman Chemical and their brands Vista, EnerLogic, LLumar and Huper Optik are the best selling films in the world.


Today’s flat glass films are certified for their performance by the NFRC.

This quasi governmental agency quantifies window film performance based on objective test criteria and documented performance by independent testing laboratories for various window systems.

NFRC Eastman CP, Southwall



The incredible superiority of the Eastman portfolio in terms of choices, light transmissions, security film alternatives and performance is nearly a 10:1 ratio.

For home and business owners this equates to better choices that match our clients requirements.

One size does not fit all.


For example we offer silver security films for daytime security and privacy. We have light transmissions for security films in a neutral 20, 35, 50 and 40.  Our dual reflective films are available in a 28% and 38%.

3M dealers expect clients to pay for a dual application of security topped off with a second layer of silver solar film. That is totally ridiculous in 2015!

Here is a detailed comparison of shatter glazing film Eastman vs. 3M

Bronze films?  3M has no options.

One Way Vision privacy films?

3M has nothing

Low E All weather films. 3M continues to market a 35 year old film because they assume consumers won’t research alternative solutions before they contract with their 3M dealers.

3M dealers focus on lighter less energy efficient prestige films given the paucity of their basic solar and solar security film alternatives.


Their 17 year old prestige films are only available in a light 40% transmission or lighter. Their darker 20% would not be applied to dual pane glass because of the heat absorption and thermal failure that would be experienced.

PicMonkey Collage

Their unsupported nonsensical claims that their film somehow works better at angles or their french fry lamp demo using a rigged BTU meter won’t help consumers keep cooler in the summer.

Their claims sound impressive until their film is installed on glass.

Advanced Film Solutions perhaps better than any company in Florida recognizes the halo effect of 3M’s branding strategy.


Call our experts for a feature benefit analysis fact versus hype.

Reality versus perception.

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