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Dear Property Manager:

Many commercial office towers like yours remain behind in bringing their energy efficiency to cost effective standards.  You are probably thinking that it isn’t a simple process to retrofit a  building to improve energy efficiency HVAC, insulation and a host of other improvements.

The LEEDS programs is a key part of the US Green Building Council (Advanced Film Solutions is an associate member) and there are a host of modular solutions that does not require an extensive rebuilding program or a huge capital investment.


There is one obvious method to improve your buildings’ energy usage with the immediate installation of solar control Vista or Llumar window film.

The window film LEEDS credits for Vista Window Film is well established.  The anticipated energy usage profile has also been certified by the NFRC.

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This is a “pencil sale” at it’s most basic.


As a Property Management Company, or Building owner, your energy usage for your building is easily quantified by auditing your utility bills.

We certainly know the orientation of the property.

We know the degree days and peak demand rates. Projected cost savings would take a novice about twenty minutes to calculate! (5 minutes of that brewing a cup of coffee!)

Hotels are one easy target as they pass on the rising cost of energy to their clients

Large commercial property management companies tend to pass their costs on to the tenant base. Those pass through days are soon to be over!

Tenant’s have choices and comfort is a critical cost factor for maintaining high value personnel.

  • What if you could easily reduce the building’s heat gain by 25-30%?
  • Insulate your glass during the winter months with Low E Film
  • Improve worker productivity and improve their job satisfaction? (reduce glare- eye strain!)
  • Improve interior air quality. IAQ?
  • Balance the air temps in your building reduced chiller requirements!
  • Remove blinds and dust attracting window coverings?
  • Improved aesthetics and uniformity of the building! Curb Appeal!
  • Receive a ROI and super Internal Rate of Return, that would make your Treasurer and Financial management jump out of their chairs?
  • Reduce by 99.9% the harmful UVA and UVB that effects more than faded paint or carpets but people, your tenants health?
  • Earn sizable energy incentives from local power companies?
  • Score positive PR by finally doing something instead of waiting for a directive?

Life Safety issues and Factory Mutual Approval!

Take five minutes and call your insurance underwriter for how much that alone will save you?

Call Advanced Film Solutions for a free estimate.


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