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Tampa, Orlando Security Window Film Benefits

Property managers have plenty to worry about but unhappy clients due to hot offices, glare and UV problems can be easily resolved with today’s window film solutions.

Glazing solar and solar security films are built to last. These durable coatings filter out glare, heat and 99.9% of the UV.

Thicker (8 Ml +) shatter protection fragment retention films can not only filter the heat but these films harden glass making it extremely difficult for thieves to break through doors or windows. (Recent news story!)

Lease holders will experience lower utility costs thanks to lowering demand for AC or heating (Low E Films insulate windows throughout the entire year!)

Local power companies offer commercial rebates for films that meet their requirements and Advanced Film Solutions installs more selections than any other company in Florida.

Furnishings, paintings, carpets and wood floors will have the protection of these UV blocking coatings and thanks to our wide variety of choices your clients will design exactly how they want their windows to look.

Non reflective choices from Huper Optik won’t alter the appearance of the glass!

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