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Replacing Windows Vs. Window Tinting Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota

Many homeowners are considering replacing their windows with IG units or at the very least more energy efficient glass. 

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If the windows have air or moisture leakage, failed seals, or damaged frames (or if they aren’t structurally sound), then window film installation isn’t an option to address complaints or window problems.

But if your windows are structurally sound and in good condition, window film can often take care of several of the common problems associated with windows in commercial buildings.

There are many reasons why you may be considering this possibility:

  • Your monthly electric bill is outrageous.
  • There is almost zero winter insulating benefits for your current windows.
  • A window replacement company has captured your attention.
  • The local power company mentioned window replacement when they conducted an energy audit.
  • A friend or neighbor replaced their windows and has encouraged you to take a similar course!

We are Tampa and Orlando’s premier installation company for thin film retrofit technology films by Eastman Chemical.

  • Our portfolio includes VISTA, LLumar and the incomparable Huper Optik ceramic film.


  • Our films are NFRC certified and you can readily compare summer and winter savings for your existing glass system once these certified films are installed.
  • Solar control films qualify for local power company rebates.
  • Our films eliminate 99.9% of the UV.


  • The cost for a window film installation is only a fraction of the amount a window replacement company will charge you (click here ), and the warranty is lifetime!
  • We offer more light transmissions for glare control, levels of privacy and security features

Before you replace your windows you owe yourself the opportunity to compare with Advanced Film Solutions


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