Tampa & Orlando Remarkable Huper Optik Window Film Out-Performs 3M Window Tinting

Success or failure in today’s competitive world has to meet extraordinary performance levels.


Consumers are much too savvy to waste their hard earned dollars or time on gimmicks or hype about products or solutions that have nothing at all to do with what they are immediately concerned about.


Tampa Bay and Orlando home and business owners are paying far too much to maintain a comfortable home or office.


We won’t belabor the reasons for this outcome but let’s conclude that the heat factors here are extreme and the insulation in most homes and offices are inefficient.

Obviously if you can prevent heat (visible and invisible IR) , UV from entering a room the cooler that room will be. Replacing the glass with insulated glass or Low e windows is certainly an option. Unfortunately this is an expensive option that has a very long payback period (typically 15-20 years!)

What other options are there?

Blinds, curtains shutters are great for privacy or glare control but the heat still enter the living working space.

Window Film is the best option based on performance, durability and ROI.

No one wants a silver aluminum foil looking windows and most gated communities and HOA’s won’t let you have that under any circumstances.


That’s where Eastman Chemical comes into play.

Eastman’s remarkable Huper Optik ceramic and spectrally selective films are the best of the best in terms of performance, ROI and aesthetics.

Advanced Film Solutions represents this remarkable window film throughout Florida with offices in Tampa Bay, Sarasota and Orlando.

Huper Optik is incomparable but consumer awareness is generally low and while Huper Optik is the buzz in window film we recognize that 3M window film may have a higher level of consumer awareness.


Let’s compare the features, advantages and benefits of Huper Optik compared to 3M and their prestige films.

  • Huper Optik is available in more light transmissions that 3M’s limited selections. We therefore block more glare and heat.
    cropped-IMG_20140716_095946_449-EFFECTS.jpgOrlando Science Museum Huper Optik 50
  • Huper Optik has no dyes in their coatings. 3M does and that affects visual clarity and long term durability.
  • Huper Optik meets TECO rebates requirements where 3M prestige does not.

    werIdeal for Deed Restricted Communities

  • Huper Optik has a scratch resistant coating that out performs the 3M sr coating.
  • Huper Optik has a pleasing neutral hue where the 3M product shifts the light toward the blue.
  • Huper Optik performance is documented by the NFRC ratings which are publicly available. When we outline performance expectations we deal in fact. 3M Prestige is also documented by the NFRC but that’s where the comparison ends:a) For example 3M dealers will claim that their film blocks 97% of the heat (an outrageous claim with no substance at all)b) They claim that their films works better at angles pretending that somehow all other films are less efficient at angle or that 3M has some unique capability. This is also a bogus unsubstantiated claim. After all glass itself works better when the sun is at an angle to the glass.c) Typically 3M dealers will demo a phony BTU test using a high temperature IR french fry lamp. This illusion tricks the consumer into believing that more heat is blocked by prestige than silver reflective films.This is a trick used to pad the performance expectations. While the window film industry has cited factual counter information this ruse continues.


Advanced Film Solutions looks forward to providing a free estimate and cost comparison between our Eastman portfolio and the limited frequently re=boxed 3M films (see their ceramic film, Affinity and exterior films)

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