Florida Compare Advanced Film Solutions Vs. Home Depot 3M Film

We have been receiving calls requesting that we provide estimates comparing our superior VISTA and Huper Optik Ceramic window films against 3M prestige sold through the 3M home depot agent program.


We welcome this comparison based upon the actual performance of our films that have been documented by the NFRC (3M film is also documented by the NFRC so the comparisons are exact!)

Our optical clarity, natural and neutral colors and hues and rebate requirements are what set us apart from these films. 
Still consumers seem more confused than ever by these 3M home depot agents.

They are told that 3M film blocks 97% of the heat. This is totally untrue and highly misleading.

They are advised that the consumer can only buy this film via Home Depot.  This is untrue and while I personally could care less about non participating 3M dealers, they are walking a slippery slope when one 3M dealer falsely tells a consumer that the other 3M dealer in town can not supply the film; when they can!14540661330_5fa9b617a0_m

  • Check out the pricing??? Once you do you’ll understand why you are being told this incorrect information,

Advanced Film Solutions loves to compete and we particularly like competing against 3M and their depot agents, etc.


We prefer educated consumers who make their buying decisions based upon fact rather than nonsense.

Consumers who appreciate value rather than hyperbole.

  • Our Huper Optik and Vista Films qualify for Tax Incentives as well as window film rebates.  The 3M prestige film does not!
  • Our Ceramic films are all available in 6 foot widths.
  • Our films are NFRC certified.
  • Our thicker 8 ML Armorcoat, Madico. LLumar and Vista Films are tested and have actually passed missile tests that 3M’s film at the depot store are too thin to pass.
  • You won’t be paying mark-ups to the local dealer or depot agents. In other words we offer a fair price for better value films!

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