NFRC Ceramic Huper Optik Window Film Comfort For Tampa’s Prestige Homes

When we launched Advanced Film Solutions in early 2007 our plan was to offer Floridians the best selection of window films in the world.


Advanced Film Solutions has completed 24,000 flawless installations and in many of these homes and businesses our competition was 3M Window Film or one of their home depot and window genie’s agents.

Superior technology, performance, value and documented results!

In each critical category our films surpass our 3M competition.

Our Huper Optik films are available in a wide array of light transmission and thanks to the lower solar absorption rates than 3M’s prestige 40- we block more heat and glare than their film.

Our Huper Optik films are dye free.

This preserves the appearance of the film for a lifetime of enjoyment and our scratch coating protects your investment.

Both Huper Optik and prestige do a fine job in factoring out IR (invisible heat that makes up nearly 50% of what we associate as heat) Huper Optik isn’t pretending their film works better at an angle (because every film does as does glass itself)

We won’t trick you by showing a bogus IR lamp illusion that makes it appear our films block more heat than a silver metal film.


Advanced Film Solutions also recommends our Low E all season window film. This solution insulates your windows winter or summer by acting like a heat mirror.

The NFRC has leveled the competitive playing field by providing objectivity through documented independent lab tested performance characteristics.

This is our competitive edge- -FACTS!

If you are researching a window film solution that is non reflective (meets deed restrictions or HOA rules) than call Advanced Film Solutions for a free estimate and a direct comparison in performance and cost!

We win on the glass with superior value and clarity.

Call for a free estimate at 877-575-3456

Advanced Film Solutions


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