Protection: Tampa Bay Solar Security Window Film

On the heels of tragedy throughout the country; security officials, law enforcement and education administrators are seeking methods to improve the safety and security of students, teachers and support staff.



Shatter window film are thicker (8 Ml) or greater fragment retention films that will hold the glass in their frames during a blast event similar to what occurred on Christmas Day in Nashville. 

There are numerous security enhancements both procedural as well as by altering the physical properties of the window envelope and access to the school property.

Glazing security film is an extremely cost-effective improvement readily implemented that has immediate safety outcomes:

  • Shatter resistant films are installed on existing doors and accessible windows.  The cost of these security enhancements are much less than replacing the existing windows.

  • Iterations of safety security window film can limit the exterior view into the facility. These reflective security films allows for identification of the party attempting to enter the facility.


  • Solar safety films improve the energy efficiency of the facility.  This may not be the primary purpose in considering these solutions but as a matter of practical ROI the energy efficiency of these films should not be overlooked.
  • Effectiveness: Shatter films are already utilized by Federal offices and landmark buildings as part of their perimeter security planning and implementation.  These thicker glazing films protect military force protection and have been independently tested by the Department of Defense, GSA and Underwriters Laboratory ( in several iterations.)

Advanced Film Solutions has installed security glazing films on hundreds of facilities and homes throughout the Greater Tampa Bay-Orlando corridor.

Our clients include the VA Administration, City of Largo, City of Oveido and numerous corporate and retail locations.

We are thoroughly trained and equipped to perform the best installations and our portfolio of shatter film is unmatched.

These coatings include LLumar, Vista, SunTek, Madico, Hanita, Huper Optik and Armorcoat.

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