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Our core strategy at Window Film USA is to offer objective comparisons between the leading brands of window film and provide the best value for our clients.


Metal Window Films:
Here we get a real taste of competitive films and their nuances in features and aesthetics that separate the primary choices.

Prior to metal films the industry used dyed car tint type films that would very rapidly turn purple.

Even today you will see purple film on homes and particularly businesses.  These dyed films are cheap and unsuspecting consumers will have a local tint shop or moonlighter flea bag tinter do the job.

Metallic films like this  reflective silver have been around since the 1960’s. The example above is a LLumar reflective film installed on the rear facing glass of a home in South Tampa.

They are durable, highly effective sun blockers and the adhesives generally last for decades. These films are quite economical and the leaders in silver film like LLumar, Madico and Solar Gard are well represented.

These films are installed in commercial environments and government facilities.  They are safe for insulated glass units and aside from the shiny silver look- -these films are still garnering a huge share of the market.

Neutral reflective films were developed for commercial and residential use along with bronze reflective films.

Below is LLumar Neutral 20.  Note that the silver appearance is gone and a darker reflective film now blends with the building facade.

Neutral films were arguably more pleasing aesthetically but the interior reflectivity became an issue for homeowners who wish to preserve their night views.

Dual Reflective Films:

CP Films innovated lower interior reflective films which became the foundation of VISTA Films. These films offer IG Glass safety along with outstanding performance without harming that night view. 

CP Films was later joined by Madico, Solar Gard and SunTek who also developed lower interior reflective films to meet the competitive bar that had been raised with VISTA.

Spectrally Selective Nano-ceramic films:

Exterior reflectivity was hardly an issue back in the 60’s and 70’s. The metallic look is linked inexorably to these decades of gleaming buildings with metal appearances.


As luxury home developments grew and tastes changed; homeowners became adverse to having shiny films installed on their windows.

These preferences became codified with the advent of HOA’s and Deed Restrictions.


The solution was the development of nanotechnology thin film innovation using patented ceramic coatings.

Huper Optik is the clear leader in this technology.  Their ceramic series offers incredible heat rejection without the negative reflective appearance.

There are imitators (3M has released a re-boxed single layer ceramic film which is reflective on the exterior view.  If they took these two layers and merged them together they’d have something.  Huper Optik holds that patent; so they are stuck)

No other company offers a non reflective exterior and interior film with this much performance, optical clarity and long term durability.

Our key competitor 3M offers their prestige multilayer optical film through their Home Depot network that does not match the heat rejection of Huper Ceramic 30 or the optical clarity in their adhesives that our films provide.

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