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There has been a quiet evolution in thin film technology.

An evolution from the metalized sputtered films of the past to the nanoceramic films of the present and future.


Techno babble aside, the key outcome is the ability to provide a virtually clear, lighter transmission window film that reduces dramatic amounts of heat from entering your home or office.

Now what determines “dramatic” is a key question and ultimately the answer depends upon your unique requirements and aesthetic stipulations.

Advanced Film Solutions installs the patented nanoceramic Huper Optik ceramic films


Today you can have that brighter room without the heat.

An added bonus is the fact that these Vista and Huper Optik films are less reflective than glass.  

This means any homeowners association will approve your film selection.

  • Cooler energy efficient coatings that reduce your electric bill by 30% a month
  • These films stop 99.9% of the UV that damages floors, paintings, etc.
  • Less reflective than glass your views are never compromised.

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Let The Light In

Keep That Heat Out!


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