3M Security Tinting? Florida Homes Get Safer Vista, LLumar Window Film Choice



Whether you are looking for home of office security protection by strengthening your glass Advanced Film Solutions is the perfect choice.

Advanced Film Solutions will only install 8 ML thick films or greater.  These dynamic safety glazing films have superior adhesion, peel, puncture and tensile strength.

Advanced Film Solutions offers more choices in light transmissions and aesthetic appearance so consumers get the best match for their requirements.

We compete against 3M Window Film sold by their agents and home depot resellers along with AC companies and window washers.

The 3M film in solar versions is thinner and weaker than our coatings. They are repackaging a thicker film but this is only available in a clear version that has no solar energy savings benefits.

Make certain you ask for their sample cards to confirm their thinner choices and limited number of light transmissions.

While you may hear a lot of noise about tear resistance this singular property does not make their 4 ML or 5 ML films stronger than 8 ML security films. PERIOD.

Once again you should be absolutely certain you are comparing apples to apples!

When the City of Largo, Dunedin, Oveido and Altamonte Springs chose the strongest and best value they selected Advanced Film Solutions!

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