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NFRC Certified Window Film Built For Tampa, Orlando & Sarasota Homes

Home heating and cooling costs continue to rise.

Window film offers a practical and affordable way to reduce your monthly bill by improving the energy efficiency of your existing windows and sliders.

Advanced Film Solutions takes the guess-work out of window film performance expectations. We won’t use gimmicks like French fry lamps to pretend films block more heat than they actually do.


NFRC Website

NFRC has developed and operates a uniform national rating system for the energy performance of fenestration products, including windows, doors, skylights, and similar products.

The linchpin of the Rating System is a procedure for determining the thermal transmittance (“U-factor”) of a product. The U-factor rating procedure is supplemented by procedures for rating products for solar heat gain coefficient (“solar heat gain” or “SHGC”), visible transmittance (“VT”), air leakage (“AL”), and condensation resistance (“CR”). Together, these rating procedures, as set forth in documents published by NFRC, are known as the NFRC Rating System.

Our films factually filter out nearly 85% of the glare and our films can block nearly 84% of the heat depending upon the film you select!



This dramatically reduces the heat loss through the glass. In the summer the film provides 76% heat rejection! 

This can lower your annual electric costs and provide a fast return on investment!

When it comes down to window film, we know what we are talking about!

Your home is your largest investment.

Make your home comfortable and improve your resale value with window film!

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