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Florida’s Huper Optik Ceramic Window Film Vs. “3M” Ceramic: The Facts

I received a phone call from a potential client who had just received an estimate from a 3M dealer.

This dealer left a quote for “their” ceramic 30 film

They pressured the client offering a 15% discount that would expire in 48 hours. (A nice customer service touch!) 

They measured her windows but did not advise her how many square feet of glass (or film) would be required.

Since this consumer paid attention in her 3rd grade math class and was relatively handy with a calculator, she was able to figure out their per square foot pricing.

Her discount time ticking away. . .


She went online and called me.
  1. Her home has several windows that were larger than 60 inches. This client was never advised that she would have to have her windows seamed.  I gather they expected her not to notice a line coming either horizontally or vertically throughout several windows?  I guess they were figuring that they could do their best to hide the seam?20150618_103308
  2. I won’t pick on this dealer for trying hard to close the deal with that 48 hour nonsense. 

    (I’d bet a jelly doughnut that if she called them back and told them she had a better price from me, with a better film (Huper Optik ) they might reconsider and possibly extend that 48 hours while simultaneously reducing their price.)

  3. I explained that this “3M” ceramic film is actually manufactured by another company that re-sells the ceramic material to 3M. That several other companies offer the exact same performance as this re-boxed material.
  4. I explained that Huper Optik has a patent. This is critically important because it explains why they are unique and the advantages consumers receive are unique!bgThis patent protects their process of multilayered composition. This reduces the interior and exterior reflectivity compared to these resellers of the older process. The advantage is significant as can be confirmed by the NFRC.Select-Series-and-Ceramic-Series-Window-Films-Huper-Optik-USA-L-Sweets-582559
  5. I explained that Huper Optik makes their film in 6 feet widths so there would never be a seam.935846_535432406513451_584761908_n
  6. I explained that the Huper Optik optional glass breakage and seal failure warranty covered $2000 per window. I may be in error, but my understanding is that the 3M cap per window is $500.
  7. I explained that my price was better than their estimate despite the numerous advantages the Huper Optik film has over this repackaged single layer film.


  8. I pointed out the irony of their marketing materials that state that this ceramic film “is the only ceramic that is worthy of the 3M name.”  You might almost get tricked into believing they had anything to do with making this film. Nice try!
  9. I suggested that she consider comparing my Huper Optik to their Prestige film. It’s at least a better fight and 3M actually makes that one!10007413_731450313555109_2027544993_n
  10. I explained that our price would hold for as long as she needed to make a proper decision. I would immediately send her samples and provide data points to affirm these facts. I also mentioned that our ceramic film in the20% light transmission and the 35% version meet TECO rebate requirements. Theirs  (I mean “their” re-boxed film does not!)

It’s really not a fair fight.

Huper card
The Huper Optik patent provides the vehicle for manufacturing a superior film in every measurable and quantifiable comparison.

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