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Tampa Window Tinting Primer, Compare Blinds Or Shutters

NFRC Certification has reinforced the option of installing window film rather than replacing inefficient windows.

The energy conservation performance is confirmed  but at a capital cost of 1/10th that of a complete replacement.

Blinds and decorative shutters block the light but do very little to factor out the heat. Blinds darken the room but your view is gone!

Orlando and Tampa homes and buildings have huge glass windows and sliders.

Many of these homes face a Preserve or a waterway.  One of the primary reasons our clients purchased these homes is that view!

Take the condos that line Gulf Blvd in Sand Key and Clearwater. 

West facing units have spectacular views. I didn’t ask; but I assume the higher the floor the higher the purchase price.


That View!!

Advanced Film Solutions will preserve that view and eliminate a large % of the heat and almost 100% of the UV that can damage wood floors and draperies.

The views are crystal clear and all of our films are available in 72 inch widths for those larger aquarium glass windows! (How on earth would you cover them with blinds?)

Key advantages:

1. Views are unobstructed.

2. UV is eliminated.

3. Security of the home is enhanced.

4. Glare is reduced by a factor that the homeowner selects. Our films come in a host of light transmissions.

5. The heat is reduced saving energy costs and entitling you to energy incentives.

6. Privacy

7. Reducing carbon fuels

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