Then They Asked Me How My Window Film Compares To 3M?

How does my film compare to 3M?

Collageho Think about that for a moment. Let the words linger in the air.

The questioner doesn’t know me; has no idea that I was the 3M guy for 33 years.

No. .

Just working for them wasn’t enough. No sirree.
I was the National Sales Manager of 3M Window Film…


Why is the potential client really asking me this question?

Well it’s a good bet that they have a window film quote from a 3M dealer.

The price may be higher than they expected given the limited outcome.

2008-07-010-Tech Update-NA

IWFA – IR Ratings of Window Film


The value threshold has not been met.

It’s akin to going for a hair cut and hearing the  hair cut lady tell you a trim will set you back $200 bucks.


You look around wondering if Vidal Sassoon is going to jump out from behind a curtain?

It’s precisely at that moment that I know I will win this contest.

No doubt.


We simply have better performing films.

Not because I say so; but because we can prove it.

I know that you have “heard” of 3M and may not be familiar with Vista, EnerLogic , Huper Optik or LLumar Films.  

These aren’t fly by night companies; rather the quiet leaders in window film sales and technology who don’t take a back seat to 3M’s limited portfolio.


Thinking about asking me how our film compares to 3M?

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