The Clear Winner-Ceramic Window Tinting Film Versus Multi-Layered Optical Film

Our business plan at Advanced Film Solutions wasn’t created accidentally.

We developed a strategy that would allow us to compete and win in every residential or commercial consumer competition.

Deed Restricted or gated communities, golf communities, condo’s and town houses. Gulf, bay or lake view properties. High end retail stores (jewelry, curious, furniture, rugs, clothing retail stores and financial institutions.

Homeowners are comparing our Huper Optik Ceramic Films versus the 3M Prestige Film that they have seen at home depot kiosks throughout the region.


Advanced Film Solutions is unique in having a thorough and extensive familiarity with both solutions. After all we were with 3M for 33 years and was once the National Sales Manager of 3M window film.


Here is our “Reader’s Digest” comparison:

  • Huper Ceramic Films are available in a 20%, 30% and 35% Visible Light Transmission that all out perform the 3M  Prestige 40 in heat rejection (we qualified for the TECO energy rebates, they did not!)
    Huper Optik has a natural hue as opposed to the 3M blue-ish appearance.
  • Huper Optik films do not present iridescence “rainbow effect” on the transmitted light. The prestige films do produce this multi-colored effect on light color walls or tile.
  • Huper Optik Ceramic Films have a durable color fast scratch coat.  The prestige color is a virtue of a dyed layer on the top surface of their film.  These colors can be scratched from the surface on all of their “tinted” versions.
  • Optical clarity.  Our films have no distortion or haze effect. We will match any Prestige film side by side for visual clarity!1377550_649384238428384_1092466071_n
  • Take the Huper Challenge and compare them side-by-side. You will observe why Huper Optik is the clear winner!

  • Huper Ceramic Films won’t  interfere with cell phones, wireless, or fiber optic EM transmissions.
  • Huper Optik is less reflective than glass so your day and night views are preserved.
  • Huper Optik ceramics do not corrode in humid environments. Prestige will not corrode. Any implication from their side that our ceramic films corrode is pure fabrication.

  • All ceramic films, and metal films for that matter work better when the sun is at an acute or obtuse angle. Prestige is similar in that respect, as is clear glass. Implications that their film meets some type of extraordinary testing standard is 100% disingenuous.
  • Huper Optik Ceramic Films are NFRC Certified for performance characteristics.


  • They “invented” window film and make thousands of products.
    -Response: They are a terrific company and they did not invent window film, they patented a metal application to polyester films. That was 40 years ago and lots of things have changed.

  • They can use Windex, we can’t?
    -Response: utterly ridiculous particularly with prestige film. Take a Scotch Brite abrasive sponge to their film and watch the color come right off. Do the same with Vista or Huper! Go on. .you’ll see who has a hard coat!
  • Better Warranty?
    -Response: Our films have a lifetime warranty as do theirs! Our is transferable to the next homeowner; theirs ends when you sell your home!

  • “We are 100 plus years old; and ‘they’ may not be around in the future!”
    -Response: Eastman is a multi-billion dollar company borne from Eastman Kodak.

Compare for yourself and get the clearest comparison in Florida Huper Optik Films against 3M Prestige films.

Advanced Film Solutions, 877-575-3456.


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