Tampa Bay, Orlando Window Film Comparisons 3M Versus Huper Optik

Homeowners want relief from intense heat but they DON’T WANT a shiny window film that looks like an office building circa 1973!


Whether your home is located in a deed restricted or gated community or your aesthetic taste is directed toward a non metallic appearance for your home windows; the best solar heat insulating solution for Tampa Bay and Orlando is Huper Optik film installed by the experts at Advanced Film Solutions.

The inevitable comparison is typically between these dye free patented German manufactured films and the 3M Prestige films sold by home depot, their reseller agents and a bevy of 3M dealers throughout the region.

The critical focus is on performance given the extreme heat we experience throughout the long tropical summers.

Higher than ever cooling costs drive interest because solar control films can lower monthly electric bills by nearly 30% a month!

Local power companies like TECO offer rebates that help consumers lower their upfront installation investment. $2.00 per square foot for east and west facing glass isn’t anything to sneeze at!


There are quantifiable differences between the Huper Optik selections and the 3M Prestige series.

These measured, objective quantified differences weigh heavily in favor of the Eastman Chemical Huper Optik films.

There are specific quantifiable reasons why clients overwhelmingly select the Huper Optik ceramic films.

We’ll leave aside the pricing for a moment (although I did receive a call yesterday from a consumer  telling me the a 3M via Home Depot wanted $16.50 a square foot for prestige.) Several dealers quote prices of $13.00 per sq. ft. at a discount.


Imagine paying that for a film that cant stop enough heat at the glass to earn a TECO rebate?

  1. The color comparison or rather the hue of the light streaming through your windows is an important consideration.  Huper Optik presents a warm natural color that won’t alter the aesthetics of your home’s furnishings.The prestige films visibly shift toward the blue. This is particularly obvious under indirect light (angle)
  2. Huper Optik has a scratch resistant coating.  The prestige film seems to offer very little protection against scratches or color loss.One 3M dealer showed me how the color can be easily rubbed off of their film (prestige 40, 50!)  This is the result of the fragile dyes that 3M uses to darken their film.  Dyes migrate and fade over time.
  3. Huper Optik ceramic films come in a 20% and a 35% that earn window film rebates from TECO.
    The 3M prestige 40 is not energy efficient enough to meet that rebate requirement!

 The Huper Optik film ergo blocks more heat. PERIOD.

  • Huper Optik will never corrode or change colors. There is no interference with cell phone or wireless signals.10007413_731450313555109_2027544993_n
  • The Huper Optik films are optically clearer than the 3M hazy prestige films. Side by side comparisons win the day.

  • Huper Optik works better at angles just like glass and 3M films. No difference! BUT. . . you’d never believe that if you listened to that 3M home depot rep.They pretend that only prestige film works better at angles.

    It would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad.


    That their film is the only one that works better at angles is as real as the conversation above!

  • Huper Optik rejects copious amounts of IR similar to prestige.
    Huper’s performance on glass can be ascertained on the NFRC website.There is no reason to embellish their performance or pretend we eliminate 97% of anything other than UVA & UVB (ACTUALLY 99.9%!)
    So. . go ahead and call their prestige dealers or their home depot agents and resellers throughout the USA.

     Stop by the Orlando Home Show September 11-13th, 2015 Orange County Convention Center

    Get their best price and then call



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