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Mint Condition: A Tale Of Love


Doing in-home sales calls is a far different type of experience than what I did during my 33 years at 3M.  It’s always much more personal when folks invite you into their homes. 

Today was one of those days that sets this world apart from my past.

I visited a home in a very nice neighborhood.  My objective: to solve an older gentleman’s Sun control problems.

This gent lived alone.

He explained that his wife had passed away years ago.  I offered my condolences and kidded him about the fact that most of the senior homes I visit where a spouse was living alone was “always” the woman.

I commented on how frequently the wife outlives their husband.

I did my overview and measured the windows and explained my quote. he selected one of my Vista Films and we scheduled the installation.

As I was about to leave he asked me if I had a moment?

He wanted to show me something that he thought I might find interesting.

He walked slowly toward his garage and opened the door.

Sitting alone was a 1993 Blue Cadillac Seville with a plastic sheet covering it.

He grabbed the sheet by one end unveiling the car, apparently in mint condition.

This is his story.

It was 1993 .  He and his wife were married for 50 years and  throughout that time she had always dreamed of owning a Caddy.

They knew it was above their budget but they scrimped and saved and mutually decided to take that leap and buy their dream car on their anniversary.

“You should have seen her face when she got behind that wheel, he remarked.  That was the happiest I had ever seen her!”

“She drove the car home and parked it right where you see it today. It was never driven again.”

The very next day his wife felt poorly and they called an ambulance to take her to the ER.

She passed away that very day.

He looked at me and pointed to the car.  “That car has 20 miles on it. I never drove it again.”

He explained that in his grief he couldn’t imagine driving it himself.

In his dark despair he couldn’t sell it since it was part of their life, their love; her happiest day.

He bent over and grabbed the plastic covering gently placing it back over the Cadillac.

I couldn’t think of a word to say.

I said my good by and offered that he was very lucky to have loved someone so very much.

Do I miss calling on corporate accounts?

Not on your life!