Taking On Home Depot & 3M Window Tinting, Florida


 Florida consumers ask us to compare Huper Optik to the 3M prestige films being sold through Home Depot.

Can we compete and win with a clearly superior window film based on documented performance characteristics of the window film as opposed to the “perception” of the 3M film’s performance?


We have earned installations with installed pricing that will astonish folks who have received quotes through a 3M Home Depot program.

Let’s compare.

  1. Advanced Film Solutions ceramic films meet the shading coefficient requirements for TECO of $2.00 per square foot.3M prestige films do not!Why?Because they can’t block enough hat to make the grade! 
  2. Our 20 and 30% plus Drei blocks more heat and glare than any prestige film.
  3. This means your fade protection with our ceramic films is better than any prestige filmHO_5412 copy-L
  4. We work great at angles and our IR rejection is across the IR spectrum every bit as strong as their film.
  5. Our films do NOT CORRODE and go ahead- -use Windex!
  6. Our warranty is lifetime and transferable.
  7. EnerLogic All Season Window Film. Winter energy cost savings.3M and their home depot friends don’t have anything in their bag to compare!

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