Window Film USA, 2021 The Smart Consumers Choice

Window Film USA has been growing our installation business across the USA.


Our efforts are under the radar because we concentrate in our own backyard of Tampa Bay and Orlando and Sarasota. 

Why would a client in Arkansas choose Window Film USA over local competitors?

There are many juxtaposing factors that contribute.


Perhaps a consumer became confused by local sources about window film attributes.

Local sources may quote higher pricing for their installations simply because they are isolated and face limited same brand competition.

The internet has driven smart consumers to websites that have factual information and largely objective analysis.

We offer every brand but 3M Window Film.

Since I spent 33 years at 3M and was once the National Sales Manager of 3M Window Film it’s more than obvious that I might know the limitations of their portfolio.

Given  the fact that since leaving 3M their portfolio has, with rare exception, not  improved my solution comparison is as current as today and more important it’s a winning strategy for our clients and our company.


Slight modifications like having an exterior version of Prestige is inconsequential in the larger scheme of things.  “Talk” of light directing films on the horizon don’t amount to a hill of beans for a consumer looking to control energy costs or improving home security.

Our selling premise remains elegant in simplicity.

A substantial portion of consumers are afraid to take the chance that a brand of window film they have never heard of may offer tremendous, quantifiable advantages in on glass performance over the 3M offering and typically at better prices.


You may choose to give that 3M dealer your trust without comparing what they are offering to another supplier.  On the other hand; if you are a savvy consumer who appreciates that perception is not reality; than calling Window Film USA is a sound alternative.

Why not have that conversation?

Window Film USA represents Vista Film, Huper Optik Ceramic Film, EnerLogic Low E Film and a host of solutions you may never have heard of before.

Toll Free: 877-575-3456


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