Tampa Area Condo’s With High Heat Get Advanced Film Solutions Window Tinting

Take a look up along the Gulf Coast Beaches and downtown areas of Pinellas County, Channel side and Long Boat Key and you’ll find condo owners who are suffering with heat, glare and faded furnishings.

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Having a spectacular view from your balcony is the reason you chose your unit.  Unfortunately blinds, draperies and screens diminish that vie and do practically nothing to stop heat and blinding glare.

The solution is today’s crystal clear patented ceramic films manufactured by Eastman Chemical and installed by Advanced Film Solutions.

Deed restrictions and home owner association rules will typically restrict metallic reflective coatings since they alter the appearance of the windows from the exterior. This can create a checkerboard pattern when viewed from the street.

Huper Optik patented ceramic films stop the heat at the glass by factoring out visible light heat as well as invisible infrared heat.

Designed to be less reflective than glass our coatings meet the strictest of HOA rules.

From Westshore Blvd to Gulf Blvd condo owners select Advanced Film Solutions.

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