Orlando Window Film Specialists Home Show Comparison 3M Home Depot Window Film

The Orlando Home Show This Weekend!

There’s nothing quite so ironic for me than standing at our Advanced Film Solutions booth while home show attendee’s walk up carrying a 3M logo plastic bag.

This show is no different than any of the dozens of home shows we have done over the last 9 years. 

Leaving aside the three plus decades at 3M and my resume as a sales person, account exec or National Sales Manager of window films and an intimate knowledge of their product performance, etc. let’s deal with a strictly objective comparison based on irrefutable facts.


Advanced Film Solutions offers a range of choices for homeowners and businesses in Florida (and beyond)1044035_604322442934564_422138274_n

Our VISTA, Huper Optik and LLumar films are NFRC Certified.

The performance characteristics are public information and we take absolutely no back seat to 3M’s window film products.

Our VISTA, Madico, Armorcoat, Sun Tek and ARMORCOAT have all passed the ASTM1886  4.5 Missile Test with an anchoring system (Dow 995)

The 3M Ultra Films (all solar security versions)  DO NOT MEET THIS PERFORMANCE LEVEL. This includes their Prestige Ultra Series S25 Night Vision.

Catch the ripper!

Their Prestige 40 does not qualify for energy rebates; while our nanoceramic  Huper Optik does!

If you live in a gated community with a deed restriction prohibiting a reflective film; this is extremely important.

We are confident that our adhesive optical clarity is superior to 3M’s (or to be more precise; any films made at a 3M manufacturing facility)


We are happy to perform mock-up installations side-by-side against their ultra series or Prestige Films.

Don’t believe me.

Call Them

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Advanced Film Solutions
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