Florida Window Tinting Fights Heat & Rising Cooling Costs

Your monthly electric bill is almost as high as your mortgage payment.

You’d like to turn off the AC in the summer and your heat in the winter but that would be madness!!

The fact is that 45% of your monthly bill in the summer months (April until October) is your cooling cost.

Most of that coming through your glass windows and sliders.

How about these winter months when your heating costs soar? 

We have the solution for you all year round with Low E Films. 76% heat rejection in the summer and 93% insulation during the winter!

Stop throwing your money out the windows!


Advanced Film Solutions has our complete suite of solar energy saving window films is ready to stop the heat at your glass.

  • Reduce your interior temperatures by factoring out huge percentages of heat (total solar energy)
  • Reduce your monthly bills by 25-30%

  • Your glare by 80%
  • Your UV by 99.9%
  • Homes or business
Why wait?

Call Advanced Film Solutions


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Be cooler tomorrow!


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