Florida School Safety Security Glazing Window Film Solutions

These are worrisome times given the recent examples of senseless violence at the nation’s public and private schools the last several years.


Education professionals and safety admins along with concerned parents have identified key components of improved safety plans.


One facet of perimeter protection is the installation of safety security impact rated glazing films.


Advanced Film Solutions represents and provides expert installations of the world’s leading security glazing films.

Our portfolio consists of the following coatings all at a minimum thickness of 8 ML. 

These coatings are all GSA rated 3A, 3B and have met the Department of Defense criteria and European Impact Testing!

  • Eastman Chemical LLumar and Vista solar security films:
  • Saint-Gobain Armorcoat Film
  • Madico Safety Film
  • SunTek Security Film
  • Hanita Safety Zone Film

Our technicians are full trained in the installation of wet sealant and mechanical attachment systems that create a system between the film, glass and frames.

Choices include clear security films that provide safety and security without altering the appearance of the facility.

Solar reflective combination films that provide daytime privacy which assists in increasing security levels since targets can not be observed from the exterior of the facility.

Modestly tinted versions that provide energy costs savings and may qualify for local rebates.

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One thought on “Florida School Safety Security Glazing Window Film Solutions

  1. Jessica

    These are indeed troubling times when it comes to school security. But it is comforting to know that security films exist that can help secure the glass, and protect kids and teachers. And it’s even better to know that the option is more affordable than toughened glass, as public schools aren’t exactly known for having large budgets.

    Thank you for sharing.


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