Florida Commercial Offices Find Comfort, Advanced Film Solutions

A successful Property Manager has an obligation to keep their tenants happy.

Cold spots and poorly heat balanced buildings create tenant discomfort; and that can eventually result in a lost tenant.

 A buildings’ aesthetic appeal is also crucial. 

The appearance of a building; half opened blinds, clutter by the windows create poor curb appeal. 


The overall presentation of the building is critically important if your goal is to attract prestige clients.
Obviously there are a host of additional considerations that our client considered before they selected Advanced Film Solutions:


  • OUC Commercial Window Tinting rebates applied.
  • Glare control problems resolved by blocking 80% of the harsh Florida sun.
  • 99% UV rejection. This protects interior furnishings and artwork!

  • Privacy; particularly for first floor tenants.

  • Time considerations: The project had to be completed this week and Advanced Film Solutions resources were a key decision factor.

  • Experience and results.  Our track record for successful commercial installations is unmatched.

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