Compare Huper Optik Vs. 3M Prestige Window Film Tampa Bay, Orlando & Sarasota

 Advanced Film Solutions is Tampa and Orlando’s preferred Huper Optik and Vista solar and solar security film installation company.

We have completed more than 18,000 installations since 2007 and nothing makes us happier than winning in a direct side-by-side comparison to 3M Prestige Film.

Let’s just say that when a prospective client does their research and gathers facts over baloney; we win the day.

Today’s installation is a case in point.

Our client wanted a superior heat rejecting film that would meet a very strict deed requirement forbidding the use of reflective films.

Many homeowners face this deed restriction in gated communities throughout the state of Florida.

Performance was also a requirement. No cheap dyed films would do for this discerning client.

The direct comparison came down to 3M Prestige Film versus our Huper Optik Ceramic Films.

  • Our Huper Optik Ceramic Films are available in darker light transmissions 

  • Huper Optik has a durable scratch coating and easily observed superior optical clarity. Side by side comparisons will always win the day for Huper Optik!
  • Huper Optik is dye free.
  • Huper Optik presents a natural light rather than a blue light shift easily seen in the 3M prestige films.
  • Huper Optik is less reflective than glass and easily meets all deed restrictions.
  • We dealt with NFRC factual heat rejecting specifications.


  • We explained the 3M bogus BTU charade and foolish on angle performance nonsense!

  • We were probably at a better price but frankly we never asked!

Call Advanced Film Solutions today for a free estimate.

The better choice and easily the smarter choice!

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