Clear Winner Huper Optik Window Film Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando

 Huper Optik  has altered the window film landscape with their 70% VLT ceramic film to augment their complete line of superior ceramic coatings.

Huper Optik is the best heat rejecting non reflective, non dyed film in the industry.

German technology, superior optical clarity and a powerful scratch resistant coating that make our patented ceramic films the film every other manufacturer wants; if only they could be as innovative!


Eastman Chemical’s wide portfolio of dynamic solar solutions has just filled a missing category in their line-up of energy reducing films.

  • Huper Optik 70 is perfect for deed restricted, gated communities where reflective films are prohibited.
  • Hüper Optik® Clear Ceramic series offer excellent optical clarity and visibility.

This virtually undetectable film lets you block UV and heat without darkening your glass.

niceUtilizing nano-deposition technology to achieve a high performance solar control film with high Visible Light Transmission.

It also means the films are able to reject more Infra-red heat than most solar control films that are of similar visible light transmission in the market.

And compared to our 3M prestige 70 competition; Huper Optik has absolutely no dyes or a blue shift that can alter the ambiance and he of the light in your home.  Colors remain vibrant and unchanged!

Huper Optik 70 has raised the bar with this non interference with EM, RF signals and it is non corrosive for coastal climates like Florida!

It’s frankly the best film that you’ll never see!


Call Advanced Film Solutions for a free estimate and find out how German Technology can work for you!

Dare to compare our clarity and performance against 3M Prestige-Home Depot quotes!

16779293482_c8f04b1f5a_oSide-by-side – window to window- -if your eyes are working you’ll select Huper Optik Ceramic Films


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