Church Work, Securing Worship With Shatter Window Film

Advanced Film Solutions installed our safety and security fragment retention window film systems on several high profile buildings in the Tampa, Sarasota, Clearwater, Lakeland and Orlando region.



There are several religious facilities that clearly have a higher threat level than others.

Let’s be frank.

Muslim and Jewish Houses of Worship receive more threats and have unfortunately a greater risk level in these difficult times.

 How thicker security films work to control flying glass?

Thicker safety and security films have been used effectively for decades.

The Federal Government and internationally governments and large corporations are very familiar with these transparent security systems.

Glass is the weakest link in your perimeter protection planning.  Blast protection, flying debris and vandalism can create a dangerous environment for parishioners and visitors.

The window film system consists of thicker window films (8 ML and thicker) attached to the frames using wet sealant Dow 995 or mechanical attachment systems.

Many of these films are also available in solar versions that can reduce the heat gain in your facility as well as provide daytime privacy for occupants.

We represent the leading fragment retention film solutions in the industry:

LLumar Magnum

Vista Films


Hanita – The Israeli blast protection film

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