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Whether you are a small business or a large corporation the question of business ethics is crucial.


Sales people are often thought of as the last people in the corporate structure that ethical training might have an impact upon. Frankly it’s your sales force that should be the first area of attention as they represent your face to the public.

We often hide behind a brand marketing strategy implying positive self promoting images. This has value, but the interaction of your sales people with your customers and prospects is far more powerful.  Well intentioned ethical policy statements and slogans are less influential than your leadership team themselves. In far too many cases, these folks remain more internally focused than customer centric (to coin a phrase.)

The leadership is more concerned with making a number they have promised which naturally places pressures on them; bordering on self-preservation. This pressure to make a number can have unintended consequences in how their customers are being treated.  If you look at the heart of any corporate program that confuses you or concerns you; you will always find that this self-preservation reflex is the primary cause.  Your dismay is the primary effect.

Compounding this ethical issue is their jargon of haughtiness, “Metrics, Entitlement, MSA Market Share.” Cloaked arrogance that simplifies their need to succeed at all costs as the result of their customer’s failure to “get it.”

Advanced Film Solutions is a mirror held up to my personal ethics.
It has to be.

It comes down like so many other areas of life to the GOLDEN RULE!  “Do unto others. .”


When we hear and see so many window film associates in extreme difficulty wondering what path to choose? 

When we are asked for assistance; our response isn’t borne from anger, but rather a solid commitment to ethical standards of treatment.

  • We respect our people, our suppliers and enjoy competition.
  • We won’t play games with the facts or overstate.
  • Our customers receive exact quotations without fluff.
  • We keep our commitments.
  • We fix our mistakes.
  • We tell the truth.
  • We never hard-sell a client.

That’s truly what makes us tick!



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