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UV Blocking, Fade Protection Tampa Window Tinting Selections

Irreplaceable artwork fading right before your eyes is the result of several factors that combine to attack your precious artwork as well as furnishings, carpets and photographs.

 UV, heat and light are the three key factors that create this problem.

One answer is living in virtual darkness.

Obviously that alternative is unrealistic.

May we suggest window film. 

Not the window tinting of the past that turned purple or bubbled, but rather the 21st century, ceramic and reflective films engineered by Vista Films and Huper Optik .

UV Fade

  • UV is reduced by 99.9%

  • Heat is reduced by factors of nearly 80%
  • Light is reduced by a customer determined factor (based upon your aesthetic requirements and practical considerations.
This is where Advanced Film Solutions differs from our competition.

 We offer the widest selection of window films in Florida.

Vista Window Film has the widest array of alternatives for consumers.

It’s not even close.

Huper Optik completes our product portfolio with their German made ceramic safety and security films.

Tampa Bay’s most trusted window film installation company is

Advanced Film Solutions