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Gulf Coast Window Tinting Advanced Film Solutions

Advanced Film Solutions has kept pace with the large volume of installations we have scheduled throughout the Tampa-Bradenton-Orlando region.

It’s the heat that drives our business.

Hot, sweaty, humid afternoons that make your home uncomfortable and your electric bills ridiculous!


Our films block that heat.

Your home is cooler and those electric bills get cut by a third!

Our crews were busy in Bradenton completing a Huper Optik Ceramic installation in Lakewood Ranch.


The difference from what felt like a sauna to a cool, glare free environment was instantaneous when the last section was completed.

 Our client was “thrilled!”

Finally; we completed a solar security combination project at a home in Wesley Chapel using the LLumar neutral 20 8 ML shatter film.



As we head into the hottest time of the year, think cool energy savings with Advanced Film Solutions.