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Tame Glare, Heat & Fading With Advanced Film Solutions Window Tinting

As temperatures become cooler Florida homeowners continue to face the prospect of faded furnishings, carpets and paintings while the glare makes friends and family uncomfortable.

Clear windows present problems in the summer and winter since heat loss during the winter months and heat gain during the summer drive ever increasing electric costs.

Advanced Film Solutions provides economical window film solutions that tame the Sun.

Eastman Performance films include our LLumar SelectPro and Huper Optik ceramic films.

These high technology coatings stop heat at the glass.

The glare is filtered along with 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

Thicker versions of these solar control coatings provides safety and security against accidental breakage as well as burglary.


Electric costs are reduced by as much as 30% a month and these lifetime warranted films will keep working for decades.

Compare the investment costs of window film to window replacement and you’ll discover that these films are the better choice at less than 10% the cost of replacing your windows.


Call for a free estimate and start enjoying safe comfort and glare and UV free living.

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