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Window Film Research, Think Window Film USA

We assume that you are conducting your own research on window film solutions for your home or business.

You have obtained an estimate from a local window film installation company.  There was something about that experience that prompted you to gather additional information!

You may have a preference toward a particular type of window film solution; or perhaps a specific brand of window film in mind?

You have arrived at the right place.

Window Film USA is my brainchild and this concept came to me in late 2008.


We are Advanced Film Solutions a Tampa based company that has expanded throughout the state of Florida.

We compete against me too window tint shops and a host of different competitors throughout the state. We win.

Whether it’s our unmatched experience or simply the fact that we know more about our films and theirs than any other company in the USA.

We had initially launched Advanced Film Solutions in 2007 with VISTA Films as our flagship brand and Huper Optik as our ceramic film leader.

In late 2008 we added the Madico Sunscape Select Series and the exciting Geoshield Lumenesse nano-ceramic films.

Our commercial projects were given additional impetus by the addition of the low cost SunTek Films.

We augmented our portfolio with Armorcoat and Solar Gard. Most recently we included the Israeli Hanita Films into our mix.

This portfolio we have built is not a coincidence.

I had been a 3M direct employee for 33 years and my window film experience was up until the day I exited 3M; entirely 3M focused.  Having been the National Sales Manager of 3M window films I had paid close attention to my competition.

I certainly knew which manufacturers actually made superior performing window films.

That’s a solid advantage since you most probably have never hear of VISTA or Huper Optik.

Our challenge is to demonstrate factually why our selections are superior to 3M’s limited line of film.

Why our optical clarity is superior?


Why your return on investment will be superior?


We base our proposals on solid fact, NFRC ratings.

You won’t hear hokus pocus baloney about angles of incidence or gimmick BTU tests that give an illusion of performance. 


Illusions won’t keep your home cool.

Call them.

Then call us!


Call us at 877-575-3456

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