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Protecting students and teachers at our schools is a critically important issue right now.


There are a variety of solutions that begin with thicker clear shatter films as well as a wide range of combined solar safety films.

There are situations where a reflective silver security film can prevent targeting from the outside of the building.


There are versions that range from darker energy control versions to lighter solar security iterations that can assist in cost recovery via energy cost savings and potential rebates from our local power companies.


Advanced Film Solutions with offices in Tampa Bay and Orlando has installed 8 ML and thicker security glazing films on retail stores, schools, religious institutions and government buildings throughout the Florida region and Southeast USA.


Our selections include the Madico Films and Eastman Chemical’s LLumar and Vista Film along with Armorcoat, Hanita and SunTek Films.

More choices and experience than any other company in Tampa Bay and Orlando and winners of the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for 8 straight years.

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School Security Window Film Solutions Florida Safe



Many school systems and higher education institutes have implemented increased security awareness and employed various strategies to mitigate future criminal activities.

One area that we have participated in is the hardening of the glass at ground level windows and doors with thicker clear or tinted safety security window film.

These coatings are applied to the interior of the glass and typically fastened to the frames with attachment systems that create a complete system holding the glass frame and sealant in one piece.

The objective is to create an obstacle for the intruder slowing them down and providing additional time for response by law enforcement.


Advanced Film Solutions installation teams are thoroughly trained in all aspects of anti-intrusion, blast and impact safety window film.

The leading solutions are all part of our security portfolio including the Eastman Chemical LLumar, Vista and SunTek brands.

We also represent Saint-Gobain’s Armorcoat series and the Madico security film and Sunscape series.


Additionally we represent Hanita Safety films manufactured in Israel.

If your school, daycare center, university or house of worship requires the additional glass protection of thicker security films call our offices toll free at 877-575-3456

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