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Tampa’s Hottest Days Scream For Window Film


It’s going to be one of the hottest Summers in history.
The only folks that are happy with a heat wave are those air conditioning repair guys!!

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How many of our customers live in a development or gated community where the home builders bulldozed all the tree canopy?

That SUN blasts your home from dawn until dusk!
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Window Film is the trusted and documented solution for heat for decades. 

Today’s window film will not change colors or peel and flake off your glass.

The warranty is lifetime and many of our dual reflective and  ceramic films are safe for Insulated Glass!

Advanced Film Solutions is unique by offering more choices than any other installation company.  This gives us the type of objectivity you’d expect from a consultant rather than as an advocate for one film or one manufacturer!

Here are just some of the Industry Leading films we represent.  It’s this “peace of mind” that we offer that has made our venture as successful as it has become throughout the USA!


Get cooler now and reduce those electric bills.



Compare our world leading and superior performing window film  and find out why reality always wins over a “perception!

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