On Angle Window Film Testing


Since our well known competitor (3M) seems bent on continuing their nonsensical angle invention.

All solar films work better when the Sun is at an angle, not simply Prestige.

They “invented” their own test??


All window films and glass itself work better when the Sun is at an angle!


Imagine that?

No nonsense, no misleading angles of incidence or silly exaggerations.

It’s really hard to imagine that any marketing extolling the virtues of a window film working better at an angle would still be on my mind.

IWFA – IR Ratings of Window Film

Obviously the 3M film has no advantage over any other window film at an angle.

No they did not devise some test that better identifies the advantages of their film.

Pure garbage, lies and total horse crap.

Nevertheless 8 years of this baloney still continues along with BS about blocking 97% of the heat.

Here’s the deal. The 3M prestige film can not get a TECO rebate because it does not stop enough heat from entering your home at an angle, perpendicular or bounced off their dunderheads off a yo yo.


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Straight talk, No angles!


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