Smart Homeowners Compare NFRC Certified Eastman Vista, Huper Optik Vs. 3M Home Depot Film

We have previously discussed the National Fenestration Rating Council and Vista Films were the first window film manufacturer to have obtained this important certification.

There is a well known window film seller (3M and their home depot, window film depot agents)  who pretend that their films are unique by working better at angles?

3M misleads  people by using a gimmicky BTU meter and French Fry IR Lamp demos that are as convincing as David Copperfield sawing a woman in half.

Thanks to the NFRC rating system you won’t be fooled into spending more for a film that delivers less value!

For example here in Tampa and Lakeland our Huper Optik ceramic film and Drie meet TECO rebate rules.

Their prestige 40 does not. The reason? Our films simply block more heat. French fry lamp or not!

Advanced Film Solutions prefers quantified performance where it counts. . .on your glass!


For ease of reference; here is the website that lists the various Vista Films that have earned certification.

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