Business In The Toilet New Window Film Ad Techniques?

I read the internet news every morning before I write a posting, just in case there is some major event going on in the world that might change my mind about joking around.

There is, after all, a time and place for everything!

I recall getting a kick out of this story about a woman who sat on the toilet for two years. .

Which reminds me. .

Way back last year when I began planning my marketing/advertising programs.


I received a visit from a lady who promised me that she had the most effective marketing plan in the Tampa Bay area.

I could place low cost ads, and she would give me the low down during the consultation.

She asked the usual questions seemingly interested in my business and any “other’ marketing programs I’d considered or executed.  Then she proceeded to outline her program.

She had print ads that would capture men to read them for 30 seconds and women for two to three minutes!

A “captured” audience she called it.  Admittedly I was curious, after all even a Billboard gets only a two second attention span.genius Seems they place ads in the Men’s room and ladies bathrooms all around town. 

In clubs and some fancy shmansy restaurants. Top of the urinal and behind the door in the bathroom stalls.

I was inclined to laugh, but she was deathly serious; so I just nodded.

I tried logic.

I doubt, I said; pausing for effect, that the folks doing their business would really care about my business at that particular time.

She said that quite to the contrary, research indicated that women in the confines of the stall make important buying decisions.

I asked if my main competitor had gone “into the toilet?”

She got a bit huffy and said that “if I didn’t do her toilet ads, he would be her very next sales call. That he would get exclusivity on toilet ads and “I would never be allowed back in the toilet again!”


I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at this point.

I told her that an assortment of people would love to see my business “go down the toilet” and that, although I keep hearing that the economy stinks, “I wouldn’t want to see my ad money flushed down the drain.”

That I would “wash my hands” of her program.


She stormed off, never to return again!

I wonder if it would have worked??

Perhaps business would never stall??

Mike Feldman

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